Town Of Ossining: Supervisor’s Update – July 8th, 2013

Subject: Supervisor’s Update – July 8th, 2013

    The Volunteer-Spirited Town


Movies, Movies and more Movies!!

The Village of Ossining is celebrating its bi-centennial this year with lots to see and lots to do! It has been announced that on Friday evenings (after the concerts and sunset) they will be screening movies at different locations around the Village.  See the attached flyer for the movies and the locations of the movie… EXCITING TIMES!!!

icon Summer Movie Schedule- 2013


Town Hall Meeting: July 16, 2013 – Ossining Public Library

On July 16th, 2013, we will hold a Town Hall Meeting, and part of the discussion that evening will be the state of the Town of Ossining – both the whole Town and the Unincorporated Area of the Town.

We will review such items as:

  • The Financial State of the Town – Tom Warren (Town Comptroller).
  • School Resource Officer and plans for the future.
  • The sale of 507 North State Road.
  • Bears, coyotes, foxes, dogs and cats are  just a few of the animals that residents have questions about. Lieutenant Nick Alongi (Town’s liaison from Westchester County Police) and Jim Horton (the Town’s animal control officer) will be present to discuss how to identify, coexist with, and (if necessary), report, our furry neighbors.
  • Infrastructure issues and how we plan to deal with them.
  • Concepts and ideas for the future of Louis Engel Park.
  • Our action plans for future storms.

As always, this is the residents’ meeting and as such, you may discuss with the Board any and all issues.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Elected/Appointed Official Pledge of Dedicated Service

We passed a resolution asking all full time Department managers (Elected or Appointed) to sign a pledge.  Please find a copy of the pledge at:

icon Elected/ Appointed Employee Pledge

While some of the elected officials in the Town are considered part time employees, all were asked to sign.

The following employees have signed the pledge:

Susanne Donnelly –    Supervisor (Elected)

Geoff Harter –             Town Councilman (Elected)

Northern Wilcher –      Town Councilman (Elected)

Peter Tripodi –            Town Councilman (Elected)

Eric Blaha –               Town Councilman (Elected)

Madeline Zachacz –     Budget Director (Appointed)

MaryAnn Roberts –      Town/Village Clerk (Elected/Appointed)

George Weeks –         Dale Cemetery/Planning Board Chair (Appointed)

Fernando Gonzalez –   Assessor (Appointed)

Kathy Asaro –             Senior Nutrition (Appointed)

The following full time employees have not signed the pledge:

Michael G O’Connor –  Highway Superintendent (Elected)

Gloria Fried –               Tax Receiver (Elected)


Highway Department Audit Follow Up

At the July 2nd, 2013 Town Board Work Session, Bill Hamilton reviewed with the Town Board the progress made since the Highway Department Audit  conducted in October 2012, and presented a new report, current as of June 2013.  While progress has been made on controls and inventories, there is still a need for improvement.  The Highway Superintendent committed to following up on all areas at a Town Hall Meeting.

The Town Board has determined the need for the following reports to be delivered to the Supervisor’s Office weekly.  The reports are due the Tuesday after each completed week.

  • Hand Tool Inventory
  • Highway Department Garage Maintenance Daily Logs
  • Highway Department Equipment Work Order Forms
  • Daily Activity Logs
  • Highway Department Electrical Tool Inventory
  • Shop Spare Parts Inventory
  • Shop Equipment List
  • Shop Oil Inventory
  • Shop Tools Inventory

We thank the hard working employees of our Highway Department for all that they do for the community.  We again remind the public that we must insist that the municipality must stick to working on municipal issues, and cannot get involved in matters for which residents as owners of homes or commercial properties are truly responsible- when our departments overstep these legal boundaries, it not only results in higher taxes in the long run by virtue of more work for staff to complete and more materials for departments to purchase, but also presents potential liabilities, which could lead to further still higher taxes for all.

Update of Louis Engel Park/Harbor Square

The Town of Ossining, the Village of Ossining and the Developer of Harbor Square will be meeting with the NYDEC at the beginning of August.  We look forward to this meeting and will update the public as to the results of the meeting.

Wishing a safe and healthy start to summer for all,



PLEASE feel free to forward this e-mail to any of your family, friends, acquaintances, or business associates who may have an interest in these, as well as other Town subjects.

As always, please feel very free to contact me with any questions.

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Susanne Donnelly, Town Supervisor 16 Croton Ave, Ossining NY 10562 914-762-6001

 Bazzo 07/-8/13
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