Ossining Waterfront Summer Concerts 2013

Ossining Waterfront Summer Concerts

Fridays 7:30pm – Louis Engel Waterfront Park

July 5 – KJ Denhert July 12 – Peter Herger July 19 – Mike Risko Band July 26 – Classic Rock Euphoria August 9 – Powder Finger August 16 – Jig Saww        August 23 – The Doug Correllus Quartet August 28 – Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington    (To be held at the Community Center in case of rain)    *Note this concert takes place on a Wednesday August 30 – Old Mill Singers    (To be held at the Library in case of rain)
Won’t you please help fund the concert series?
Please make contributions online: http://www.ossining.org/contributions.htm
100% of donations go to keeping these concerts going for years to come.
Presented by the Town and Village Parks Department. Supported by Hudson Valley Arts and Sciences and the Waterfront Vision Committee.

Louis Engel Waterfront Park (click for map)

Bazzo 07/06/13

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