July 4th Webstore Sale — Save up to 75% on a wide selection of resources for your organization 07/05/13


Act now and save up to 75% on a variety of audioconferences, grant directories and resource guides.

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Selling to Seniors‘ Guide to Senior Marketing $44.00 … $15.00 Discover a wealth of practical advice and tips on how to effectively reach and influence older Americans.

Finding 2013 Funding For Early Childhood Programs $199.00 … $49.00 This audioconference explores the vast amount of both public and private funding available for early childhood-related programs.

Directory of Funding Sources for Disability Services – 2nd Edition $69.00 … $25.00 A unique compendium containing detailed listings for scores of grant-making organizations specializing in disabilities programs.

After Fifty – How Baby Boomers Will Redefine the Mature Market $39.95 … $15.00 Learn from leading experts on what mature baby boomers expect from marketers in the fields of leisure, financial services, apparel, fast food, technology and more.

The Housing and Community Development Grantseekers Guide $89.00 … $25.00 Providing detailed listings for over 130 funding opportunities, both federal and private.

Keys to Winning K-12 Funding in a Tough Economy $99.00 … $39.00 Get details on federal funding for K-12 programs plus expert guidance on how to increase your chances for foundation funding.

The Future of Funding For Native American Programs $199.00 … $49.00 How will Washington respond to the needs of Native Americans, Hawaiians, and Alaskans — and what will tribal organizations need to know now to compete successfully for future funding?

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The Fundamentals of Foundation Grant Writing – This hands-on course, geared specifically towards working adults who want to become grantwriters, takes you step-by-step through writing an actual foundation grant application — one that you can submit with confidence at the completion of the course, knowing you’ve been aided by a veteran grants professional. http://www.cdpublications.com/store/287

Government Assistance Almanac 2013 Newly updated for 2013, over 1300 pages! The Government Assistance Almanac 2013 provides information on all federal domestic assistance programs. http://www.cdpublications.com/store/565

Download FREE PDF samples or try our website demo at http://www.cdpublications.com/samples

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Bazzo 07/05/13

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