PRESS RELEASE] Happy 25th to oldest Asian-American group in County
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 28th, 2013 CONTACT: Ven Parameswaran, (914) 960 2879
WHITE PLAINS, NY – The oldest Asian American heritage organization in Westchester, which is also the oldest Asian American Republican Club in the United States, celebrated its Silver Jubilee last evening. The Westchester Asian American Republican Committee (AARC), founded by Dr. Priscilla Parameswaran of Scarsdale in 1988, held its 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee celebrations at the Royal Palace restaurant in White Plains.
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said, “Congratulations to the Westchester County Asian-American Republican Club on the celebration of their Silver Jubilee! I would like to extend my thanks to all honorees for their dedicated work to grow our party and achieving success while they pursue the American Dream.”
The Silver Jubilee attracted 150 Asian American Republicans as well as elected officials and candidates for the 2013 elections. It was felicitated by Edward Cox, chairman of the New York Republican State Committee;  Douglas Colety, chairman of the Westchester Republican County Committee; former Assemblyman Robert J. Castelli; Legislator James Maisano, minority leader of the Westchester County Board of Legislators; and several Mayors and Councilmen from all over Westchester County.
During the event, the AARC honored Dr. Prasad Srinivasan, a Connecticut State Representative; Robert Almeida, chairman of the Almeida Oil Co. of Mt. Kisco; and Mrs. Anju Joshi, former president of Indian American Cultural Association of Westchester, for their leadership and contributions.
The AARC received congratulatory messages from all Republican ranks including the RNC Chairman Priebus, NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox and WRCC Chairman Colety. Each applauded the leadership of the AARC founder, Dr. Priscilla Parameswaran, who was introduced by her 8 year old granddaughter, Trinity Parameswaran.
“In 1988, although Asian Americans were on the highest rungs of the academic and economic ladders, they lacked political prominence,” Dr. Parameswaran said. “Since the year 2000, they have become the country’s most promising doctors and engineers, and its most successful bankers and lawyers. Some have run or were poised to run the nation’s biggest corporations, which include PepsiCo, Mastercard, Citigroup, United Airlines, US Air, and McKinsey Consulting. Others were contenders for the top jobs at all American companies like Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.”
She also pointed out that the political clout of Asian Americans, especially Indian Americans, is on the rise. Republican Governors Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Nikki Haley of South Carolina, as well as Dr. Prasad Srinivasan of the Connecticut Legislature and State Representative Janak Joshi of Colorado are shining examples of this trend.
Dr. Parameswaran accepted various official resolutions, citations and proclamations from the State of New York, the New York State Senate, the New York State Assembly, the office of the Westchester County Executive, the Westchester Board of Legislators and the Asian American Republican Committee. Numerous local governments in Westchester also passed resolutions honoring Dr. Parameswaran and memorializing the AARC’s anniversary.
Dr. Parameswaran added, “The significance of academics in Asian American culture has made the community the most educated minority group in American society.  With education comes economic prosperity, which makes the Asian Americans the wealthiest group in the USA. Indian Americans alone have a median household income of $88,000 compared to the national average of $49,800. They have been able to achieve this because of the emphasis the Asian Americans place on family values and discipline, and the work ethic.”
Harry Singh, chairman of the AARC, said that with their political clout rising at all levels of society, the potential for the Asian Americans is unlimited. He also highlighted the statement by Chairman Ed Cox that Jindal, the two term Governor of Louisiana, could very well be a strong contender for President in 2016.
Chairman Colety was highly impressed with the leadership of Dr. Parameswaran and the AARC in upholding the traditions of the Republican Party. He said the AARC has always been a growing and active component of the Westchester GOP and has been vital in electing Republican candidates to office in Westchester.
County Executive Robert Astorino said he was thrilled and excited to participate in the Silver Jubilee celebrations. Astorino noted that the AARC has always supported him from the very beginning when he ran for the first time. Cox, Colety and Astorino pointed out that the AARC is the most successful model Asian-American Republican organization in the country, which will continue to grow.
Bazzo 06/29/13
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