12 Grapes Asks: What are YOU doing this weekend? 06/28 – 30/13

http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DVhfkhfeybLX5LV3-wa21Q8LmiPLTbwzkZc1Y9CY3tv-801P4vC-fMpVUmf4vgxQUy_s0-Qpx5FSb09tRvVO25JyI9qk1Hs7bI89IWBJWgHUpJMXALm4hwhUnE0kHqFq http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DVhfkhfeybJgeFZdmSSa9pYXIVtOXBumFg2ISKOLo9dBuVYggF8qXOQsF4LR4TtyHyVyQNVY_-AJpsOY67vE6UuqHQ-pji1p9t2ef1EpLP10NEl89yfY-QLWeEmhPejU7YM0wC8QWvmKQkr467ASl8K6fwfNj4lS3_RZeSdAXIjDI8IAjnl_-i8bVEfpVw28lyPMjZw7DiceTYp57K_vjfBxNw250TjFAM5F4DrQ7xR8ZztGYtlCgxTSik_plu05ObOtdI1auhI=

12 Grapes named
“Best Live Music Spot” 2013
by Westchester Magazine
THANK YOU to all our patrons and friends who voted for 12 Grapes in the
Here’s a recent review of 12 Grapes on Google+
“Where to begin, this restaurant is outstanding … the food, the presentation, the service, the atmosphere make a perfect package. The gift wrap is the music. We traveled over 40 miles to see THE CHRIS O’LEARY BAND, one of best Blues bands this side of the Delta!” 

This Week’s Live Music Events at 12 Grapes 
Ladies Night: “Burgers & Bordeaux”
$10 Burgers all night.  7:00 -10pm: Small plates menu

Ladies Martini Menu $6; 
By-the-glass wines $6; 
Beer $4/$5.
Music: 8:00 – 10pm
~ ~ ~ ~
One of the most entertaining performers in the Tri-State area, Drew Bordeaux performs Pop, Rock, Blues and Alternative with a “relentlessly catchy” style. You can’t help but be mesmerized by his music. Drew is always mixing things up, so each week is a unique show! Free Admission.




Each time Jon turns a page in his songbook, he plays another tune that makes you say, “Wow, I LOVE that song.” Jon is here the 4th Thursday each month, performing an eclectic mix of Pop/Rock covers. And his original tunes are great too, filled with wit and humor. Jon is super-talented, and humble as they come, even tho he’s recorded and produced with the likes of John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Chapin, Harry Chapin, Pete Seeger and many more. Join us for “Dinner & Show” (and a whole lot of fun) with Jon Cobert. Free Admission.
Electric Beef
Electric Beef is a Rock band that plays songs you love, but don’t hear too often. Songs like the Beatles’ Taxman and She Said She Said plus “Choice Cuts” from The Who, Clapton, the Stones, Pink Floyd and the PolicePearl Jam, Radiohead, Incubus… and on and on. The band features Tito Wilson on drums/vocals, Artie Walker on bass/vocals, Johnny Marshall on guitar and Chris Burke on keys. $5 Entertainment Fee for all, including diners. 

http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DVhfkhfeybIJAjYJUH84k6WE5LxcNx-fnqxbhHxSvFBDr7weQEAVuTObdpSe2KaGcNxu3Z7fd2k6H1swBwAqqS8UU-0zaF83237gW3JBnRmP7MF4dPH2B7IX0Ou_BUrkfnzot0TJETc= Petey’s back in town! 

Petey Hop & the Jackrabbits will have us Rockin’ & Rollin’, Hoppin’ & Boppin’ all night long! Pete’s music runs the gamut from straight up Rock & Roll to Americana, Electric and Acoustic Blues to Singer/songwriter, and Alternative music. Big Joe Fitz, radio host of of 100.1 Bluesbreak calls Pete “One of the finest guitar players in the Hudson Valley, hands down.” Last year, Pete celebrated his CD release party at 12 Grapes for new CD, “The Levee”. His first full length record, The Levee reached #1 on the Roots Report for radio airplay. It was produced by Grammy-nominated Blues guitarist Duke Robillard, who’s worked with many music industry legends. Duke wrote, “To those who don’t know [Petey] yet, you will soon!” $10 Entertainment Fee or $5 with dinner entree.


Sun, June 30, 6:00 – 9:00

Maxim Records’ Artist Showcase

(Dinner & Show Reservations Required)

Join us for a talent-filled night of great music for a great cause. 

Tonight, eight singer/ songwriters will take the stage to share their original music.
Maxim Records, an independent record label, is hosting tonight’s concert as a fundraiser to benefit Westhab, the largest provider of housing and services for the homeless and low-income in Westchester County.

Westhab operates a range of transitional and permanent affordable housing opportunities. Their mission is “Building Communities. Changing Lives.”
**Purchase tickets at the door, or thru maximrecords.net. 
Ticket holders should call 12 Grapes to reserve a table for dinner.**


For reservations, call 914-737-6624


Thanks again for joining in the fun at 12 Grapes. To see our full calendar of events and photo gallery, please visit 12grapes.com
http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DVhfkhfeybLyIxFm_K_uaASkcqHT-sHHaBZA06Na6j-3EPn51tgBjOYf9-ZMGe5laucDzR_OWfo_YvoMFGZhD-EVJG1P_-wVg6grZ5FtyKiXe42nBrqdGukuQ0lMANa6 http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001DVhfkhfeybJAKOgRed08KVtQPTQG16UkWMIhDRmZ2-N8qgjGgK05mTuFCFBTQokMQL8aDLsESiaQ4pSoiYY0X07F2HfioEdtnvey5YjK1cu8jpOPd3rvzHTACNQrmKnwBMGGPsN8I-w= 


As always, thank you for your patronage and friendship,


Rich & Jeannie Credidio 12 Grapes 12 North Division Street, Peekskill, NY 


The 12 Grapes Bar
12 Bourbons
12 Scotches
12 Beers
12 Reds

12 Whites
by the glass

The perfect Summertime Beer
Keegan Ales IPA
Pairs perfectly with our 
St. Louis-style Ribs or
Whiskey BBQ Chicken Wings!

Fri, Aug 16 

“Back to the Garden”

Woodstock Tribute
$15 Cover or 
$7 with dinner


Sat, Sept 7

Led Zeppelin Tribute

Call today for 




Wed, July 3
Ladies Night: 
“Burgers & Bordeaux”
Fri, July 5 
The Blues Dogs
featuring Al Frankel
Sat, July 6
Class Action
(Classic Rock)
Sun, July 7
Greg Westhoff’s 18-piece
Westchester Swing Band
See 12grapes.com for details

Fri, July 12
The Live Society Trio
 featuring Pop/Soul/R&B vocalist Brian Collazo!
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