Substance Abuse and Mental Health Funding Opportunities to be Highlighted During Thursday’s Teleconference 06/27/13

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Finding New Funding for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Programs Thursday, June 27th — 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. ET Register

With budgets tight for agencies nationwide, it’s critically important to discover how to tap into new revenue streams that will help maintain your essential substance abuse and mental health services.

At Thursday’s conference, you’ll not only learn what the federal government is doing now in terms of HHS and SAMHSA, but also what’s likely in store for FY 2014. We’ll also tell you about alternative (and significant) sources of federal money for your programs, from agencies such as HUD and the VA and others that generally focus on other needs.

Plus, you’ll discover some of the best sources of private funding for mental health and substance abuse education/prevention/treatment, including a wide array of corporations and foundations who fund on a national or regional basis, so you’re more likely to be eligible.

Here are just some of the other topics we’ll be covering:

  • How SAMHSA is at the forefront of efforts to coordinate mental health and drug abuse services through an emphasis on behavioral health.
  • How partnerships with agencies like the Defense Department have the potential to open up funding.
  • The latest on federal funding priorities affecting drug and mental health programs, including quick treatment options, helping vets transition back to civilian life, and prescription drug abuse.
  • Why a recent conference focused on ways to use primary care services to promote drug treatment; and how HRSA grants promote cooperation between health facilities and service providers.
  • The best ways community providers can benefit from NIH funding.

Also, we’ll leave time following the presentation to allow our listeners to submit their questions to be answered live by our presenter.


  • Click here for more information and to register online or (if you’re unable to join us live) order a CD recording
  • Call us at 1-800-666-6380, ext. 2 with your credit card, check or PO information
  • Email us at

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Audio Conference: Finding New Funding for Mental Health & Substance Abuse Programs – Join us on 6/27/2013 at 2 p.m. ET for this information-packed audio conference designed to help you find — and win — the funding you need for critical mental health/substance abuse programs.

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