– London is abuzz with two wonderful shows! 06/24/13

 Bazzo 06/24/13

 New Focus On | Newsletter Volume 4 – Issue 15

Newsletter Volume 4 – Issue
Newsletter Volume 4 – Issue 15
London is abuzz with two wonderful shows.  Galleries in St. James’s and Mayfair are getting ready to host what is now officially called London Art Week: the exciting new venture joining Master Paintings Week with Master Drawings and Sculpture Week.  Dealers from around the world will be showing some of the finest works of art in their own and host galleries from June 28th – July 5th.  Masterpiece Fair, now in its fourth year, opens its doors on June 26 and runs through July 3.  The show celebrates the most exquisite examples of art antiques and design while creating an experience for its visitors that includes fine dining, great people watching and more! This week at Christies London, statuary from the collection of Baron and Baroness Sweerts de Landas Wyborgh of Dunsborough Park in Ripley, Surrey, will be sold to help further the gardens. You can visit this magnificent “treasure home” even if you miss the auction…Can’t wait to get there!…Meg
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