It’s Time For Non-Partisan Elections in Sullivan County 06/19/13

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It’s time to institute non partisan elections in Sullivan County

Let’s eliminate out of touch political party influence in local elections


by Ben Math

Yes, Sullivan County could start a trend across America denouncing and outlawing all political parties, elevating individuals to be accountable to their voters instead of their party.


I am relatively new to Sullivan County, so I must admit the “Good Old Boys” I often read about ruling Sullivan County are most mysterious to me.


I just don’t know if I have ever met one or not.


Nationally, in recent years the Democratic Party has been moving farther to the left and the Republican Party has been moving farther to the right.


Ironically both parties are now in positions where significantly increasing numbers of Americans don’t like either party. Both parties are out of touch at all levels with the electorate.


And when was the last time we could actually believe anything a politician told us anyway?

As our distaste for the lies, scandals, and general distortions of the truth grow stronger, our confidence in our elected officials grows weaker. Regardless of what they tell us, they must do what they are told to do by their party bosses.


The last elections in Sullivan County were not a validation of any local political party. It was a rejection of the hand-picked individuals from both parties and simply the result of a recession ridden voter base voting to shift the county from the left to a more financially conservative center.


Are individual candidates becoming irrelevant because whether they are Democrats or Republicans because in part they represent a party no longer representing the middle class? Perhaps.


Is it time for a third party? Absolutely Not!


Perhaps it is time to return to no political parties!


Yes, perhaps all political parties should be banned in Sullivan County.


Such an effort would have to start at the grass roots level as it would get no support from the political powerhouses currently dictating the positions of our elected officials at all levels of governance. There’s some villages in Sullivan County, like Woodridge, that already have elections where no political parties appear on the ballots.


Our forefathers warned us of the dangers of political parties. Voters could then vote for individuals again and those individuals would not owe their soul to the party that handpicked them. The agenda they would take into public office would be their own, an agenda supported by us, the voters, not a political party.


Yes, Sullivan County could start a trend across America denouncing and outlawing all political parties, elevating individuals to be accountable to their voters instead of their party.


Elected officials would no longer have to appoint staff from their own political party. They could hire the best instead.  Imagine how quickly the grid lock in Washington, and even the County Government Center and our local town and village halls would stop if there were no political parties.


It may be time to resurrect the individual, individual values, and individual accountability to the voter. 


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Bazzo 06/19/13
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