The 2013 R4 Results Are In! THANK YOU!

The 2013 R4 Breaks New Record In Attendance!

Thank You to the R4 Runners, Walkers, Volunteers, Bone Marrow Registrants, Donors & our Generous Sponsors


Attendance: The 2013 R4 broke a new record – 960 participants!

Giving to LLS & Local Individuals Battling Blood Cancers

The 2013 R4 raised over $56,000, benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, other local charities, and the R4 Patient Fund.


Money Raised For The R4 Patient Fund: Benefiting Johnny Trinidad, who is battling Hodgkins Disease and is currently undergoing a stem cell transplant, raised $8,600.00.


Marrow Donors: There are 28 new heroes who ‘got swabbed’ and added their names to the International Bone Marrow Bank– joining 500 others in the last 5 years at the R4.  They have been given the opportunity to potentially save a life!


Marriage Proposal: We even had a marriage proposal. Congratulations To Kelsi Lockhart and David Luczyski.


Finish Results & Photos:  Race results and photos can be viewed at


SEE YOU NEXT YEAR— Saturday, June 14th, 2014!


Our success this year could not have been possible without our runners, walkers, more than 100 volunteers and our sponsors, who are community minded and generous.


Barry Levinson-Graphic Design; Claudia Dietz-Registration Chair; Eve Mauri-Logistics/Food; Ho Jo Johnson-Logistics; James Dinapoli-Health Fair Chair; Jay Frischman-Logistics; Jeff Manzi-Logistics; Jeff Siegel-Sound, Photography; Jim Buckman-Logistics; Kevin Struck-Web Master; Kyle Wallach-Logistics; Meredith Kahan Web Master; Nichole Marrero-Volunteer Coordinator; Penny  Mantzouratos-Marketing/Food

Resa Wallach-Race Administrator; Steven Kurlander-Public Relations; Suzy Loughlin-Race Director; Tim McCausland-Logistics; Tom Morse-Logistics.



Mobilemedic; New York State Police-Troop F; Rock Hill Ambulance Corp.; Sullivan County Sheriff’s Patrol; Town of Thompson Highway Dept.



LLS-Event Planning; United Way-Health Fair; Camp Iroquois Springs-Water Stops; Boys & Girls Club-Water Stops;

Kohls ‘Cares for Kids’-Set Up/Logistics



Al Frangipane, Angela Rein, Ann-Marie Foss, Beth Frangipane, Cathy Stanton, Dali Levy, Denise Frangipane, Lisa O’Connor, Michelle Edwards, Pam Rourke, Scott Edwards, Shelly Knepper, Terri McGrath, Wendy Weinter



Arthur Samuelson-Traffic Point; Barbara Strong Reno-Marrow Drive; Barri Glick-Marrow Drive; Cathy Rampe-Water Stop; Cayshla Herrera-Traffic Point; Chris Bassi-Logistics; Chris Wingenter-Traffic Point; Christine Westerman-Water Stop Captain; Debi Levine-Raffles; Denise Abramson-Photography; Ed Schirick-Traffic Point; Elizabeth Brown-Water Stop; George Cooke-Traffic; George Hornbeck-Finish Line; Harry Rhulen-Logistics; Hector Herrera-Traffic Point; Jennifer Nolan-Water Stop; Jennifer Rhulen-Logistics; Jill Farrow- Health Fair; Jim Loughlin-Registration; Joan Farrow-Health Fair; Joanna Loughlin-Merchandise Sales- Jody Tedaldi-Finish Line; Joe Henle-Traffic Point; Joe Loughlin-Logistics; John Murran-Logistics; John Wallach-Logistics; Joli Bassi-Elite Athlete Ambassador; Jonathan Farrow-Awards Announcer ; Juliette Loughlin-Logistics; Karen Billig-Raffles; Karen Fischer-Team Weight Watchers; Kate Pigue LLS-Race Packets; Kathryn Herrman-Logistics; Marty Miller-Finish Line; Mary Wingenter-Merchancise Sales; Max Rhulen-Logistics; Michael Levinson-Finish Line; Molly Rampe-Water Stop; Myriam Loor-Awards/PR; Robert Osgood-Logistics; Sam Rhulen-Logistics; Shirley Hornbeck-Finish Line; Suz White-Raffle Sales; Thelma Samuelson-Merchandise Sales; Trevor Loughlin-Logistics; Warren Tierney-Parking/Logistics; Zoe Rhulen-Logistics.

Please forgive us if your name has been omitted!  We are grateful to everyone who helped make this event a great success!

Giving to Local Individuals Battling Blood Cancers

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