Statement on Partial Birth Abortion “Sophistry”


Chiaroscuro Foundation
Contact:  Bill O’Reilly, 212-396-9117                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Statement by Greg Pfundstein 
President, The Chiaroscuro Foundation 
June 13, 2103
“Governor Cuomo and abortion activist’s support for altering the Women’s Equality Act legislation to include language related to partial-birth abortion is pure sophistry. This is nothing more than a smoke and mirrors stunt to confuse the issue, while the bill continues to expand late term abortions and allow non-doctors to perform abortions. Partial birth abortion is just one of many procedures for killing almost-born babies, and under Gov. Cuomo’s bill, it will still be legal, up to the day of birth, for a woman to request an abortion for almost any reason. A doctor can simply inject the heart of the almost born baby with a lethal solution, wait for the baby to die, and deliver the dead baby. Neither the partial birth abortion ban nor any provision in the Governor’s bill will stop such a procedure from being performed on a baby right up until birth.
“We continue to call for a vote on 9 of the 10 points of the Women’s Equality Agenda and will remain steadfastly opposed to the remaining portion of the bill that seeks to expand late-term abortions in New York State. We urge the legislature not to be fooled by this latest in a long line of distortions from Cuomo and his allies.”
Bazzo 06/14/13
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