PRESS RELEASE] Labor Body AFL-CIO picks two in Yorktown


Terrence Murphy, (914) 224-8348



In the aftermath of the October Nor’easter, Yorktown Justice Sal Lagonia and Councilman Terrence Murphy distribute privately-purchased dry ice to residents. The pair announced on June 13th, 2013, they had received the endorsement of the Westchester-Putnam Central Labor Body AFL-CIO.
YORKTOWN, NY – Yorktown Councilman Dr. Terrence Murphy and Town Justice Salvatore Lagonia added the Westchester-Putnam Central Labor Body AFL-CIO to their growing list of supporters after receiving its endorsement today.1 The non-partisan organization represents hundreds of working men and women who work and reside in Yorktown.


With hundreds of local affiliates, including the CSEA Unit 9249 (Yorktown School District Custodial), CSEA Unit 9181 (Town of Yorktown Employees) and NYSUT Locals 1724 (Yorktown Congress of Teachers) and 1760 (Lakeland Federation of Teachers), Judge Lagonia said he is humbled to have the endorsement. “These workers represent the lifeblood of our community and we are proud and honored to carry their banner,” he said.


“Our campaign has always been about giving everyone a fair chance to strive for a good job and a secure future for their family and kids,” Murphy said. “I was born and raised here and grew up in a union household where my father jack was a business agent for 26 years for the UWUA Local 1-2. Coming from a middle class family, and raising one of my own, I am tired of hearing and seeing middle class families struggle to get by. I will continue to honorably and tirelessly fight for middle class working families like my own to ensure they can remain in their homes and provide for their families. This endorsement is a true honor for me and my father would be delighted.”


Murphy highlighted the fair labor contract the town recently signed with the CSEA which helped save taxpayer dollars, saying that County negotiators could stand to take a page from Yorktown’s playbook. “As a Councilman, I have directly negotiated with our town employees to ensure their needs are being met. Our new labor contract not only helped save taxpayer dollars in the long-run, it strengthened our employees’ ability to protect themselves and their well-being while making a living.”


This is the second time the pair has been endorsed by the group. Murphy and Lagonia are the only two candidates in Yorktown to be endorsed, as well as the only Republicans to receive a nod from the Central Labor Body thus far in 2013. Both candidates also enjoyed its endorsement and grassroots political efforts in 2009 during their record-setting victory at the local polls.


Representing 12,000 workers who work and reside in Westchester, the Central Labor Body is the largest umbrella union in Westchester and represents the local affiliates of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the American Federation of Teachers, the American Postal Workers Union, the CSEA, the Communications Workers of America, the International Association of Firefighters, the New York State Nurse’s Association, the United Food and Commercial Workers and the Utility Workers of America, along with dozens of other trade unions.


Murphy added that the pair will continue to work to bridge the gap between business, labor and government. “As small business-owners ourselves, Sal and I are always looking out for our employees and we are only as good as our employees. I think fundamentally we need to make Westchester County more affordable for us to live in.”



Editor’s note: Click here to read a copy of the endorsement.

1. “June 2013 Endorsements.” Westchester-Putnam Central Labor Body, AFL-CIO.


Bazzo 06/14/13

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