Get Hooked On Fishing in Fallsburg-Enter The Morningside Fishing Classic 06/13/13

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Get Hooked On Fishing In Fallsburg:

The12th Annual Morningside Fishing Classic Opens Bass Season


Supervisor Steven Vegliante

By Steven Vegliante


The Catskill Mountains have always been renowned not only for its beauty and tranquility, but its renowned fishing too.


For generations of fisherman, the streams, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls that span across the Town of Fallsburg have been a great place to fish for all kinds of species.


Driving along the Neversink in the Town of Fallsburg, you will find many DEC access spots. There’s also one at the lake in Loch Sheldrake.  There are also many “farm” ponds that dot the landscape in Fallsburg that also are good fishing spots. These beautiful waterways attract fisherman from all over the NYC metropolitan area and even the rest of the country.


The Opening of The 2012 Annual Morningside Classic

Each year, the Neversink River and many of the lakes, towns and streams are stocked with all kinds of species of fish.  Our lakes at the Town of Fallsburg Morningside Park and Mountaindale Park have always been great places to fish.


Lots of bass fisherman annually trek to the Town of Fallsburg – and that’s really good for local tourism.


Bass fishing is an important aspect of the recreational industry both in Sullivan County and New York State.  Modern bass fishing has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, with many American sportsmen spending much of their free time and recreation dollars in pursuit of these hard fighting, tasty fish.


In New York, statewide regulations include two seasons for smallmouth and largemouth bass. The first one is the traditional season that runs from the third Saturday in June through Nov. 30. During that period, the minimum length requirement is 12 inches, and the daily limit is five bass.


Saturday marks the opening of this year’s NYS Bass Season, and if you love to fish and eat bass, our town is the epicenter to catch some great fish. And there’s a great event taking place in Morningside Park on Saturday that captures the essence of bass fishing.


In conjunction with the Town of Fallsburg Parks and Recreation Department, the Hurleyville and Loch Sheldrake Fire Departments are hosting the 12th Annual Morningside Fishing Classic from 5:00 am to 1:00 pm at our Morningside Park.


Morningside Lake is a great habitat for fish.  It is a shallow lake, with stump fields, bogs, and lily pads.  It has a shoreline that has many overhanging branches and tress, which is tremendous cover for fishing.


The event is a must for all local fishermen, who will have the chance to win prizes and trophies for catching Bass, Pickerel, and Walleyes.


All money collected from the event will be used to buy Walleye Bass from a Fish Hatchery in October to restock our town park’s lakes.


Morningside Bass Priceless!

I’m told by some expert fisherman that Walleye Bass are the best to eat, and they put up a really good fight when you snag them.


And for this event, you don’t have to fish from a boat, although there are several that you can rent at the park.  Many of prior year’s winners were those that chose to cast from the shore.


So start Father’s Day weekend right and enter the Morningside Fishing Classic.  The entry fee is $10 and the fishing experience will be priceless.



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