Let Governor Cuomo Know You want Multiple Casinos in SC 06/12/13

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Casino Gaming in Sullivan County: It’s time for all of us to speak out for multiple venues

Be that person that makes a difference.


by Mo Herman

If you care about Sullivan County, and truly want to make a difference for all of us, write, email, and Facebook Governor Cuomo.


When I was a kid, my father told me the most important thing as a human being is to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy with the person staring back at you.


He told me to ask these questions: Is the person staring back at you someone you’re proud of? What has he/she done to help others and the community?


Has the person staring back at you contributed to society that’s of value?  Or is the person staring back at you part of the problem?


In Sullivan County, this is a question each citizen should be asking themselves every day.


With one of the highest unemployment rates in New York State, it’s only fair to question how many of us actually hold ourselves accountable for the problems the county has.


The reality is, unless you’re fighting for change and a better way of life for each Sullivan County resident, then you are part of the problem that has made Sullivan County such a hard place to live, work and raise a family.


Governor Andrew Cuomo recently proposed a bill that would allow table gambling to finally become a reality in the Catskills, something this area has been waiting “patiently” for over 40 years to happen.


While several have been close in their attempts to secure gaming locally in the past, this is the closest our area has ever been to a real casino.


This is the problem: Cuomo’s proposal calls for only one casino in the Catskills, and it’s not certain that our county, which is desperate for job creation and that already has 3 formidable offers to build here, will lose that site to the former Nevele Hotel in Ulster County.


While bringing in casinos isn’t the answer to all of Sullivan County’s economic woes, it is a MAJOR start in correcting them.


Multiple casinos will create jobs and bring revenue into the county, and will also allow those visiting to gamble to learn about all the many things we have to offer here. This area has massive amounts of potential and a few casinos might be the start we need to thrive.


Cuomo’s attempt to legalize gambling in New York is not really genuine.  If  he really cared about job creation in upstate New York, he would have proposed more than one casion for our area.


One politican who truly has our interests in mind and who does see the necessity of job creation in our region is Senator John Bonnacic (R-Mount Hope).  He is offering an alternative proposal allowing multiple casinos in Sullivan County.


Gov. Cuomo has yet to respond by reviewing this bill, which means it’s not too late to persuade him.


Now, here’s where all that accountability stuff I was talking about earlier comes into play.


If you care about Sullivan County, and truly want to make a difference for all of us, write, email, and Facebook Governor Cuomo.  Contact Page


Here’s what to write: “Governor Cuomo, as a citizen of Sullivan County, which is one of the poorest regions not only in the state, but the US, we have seen our area as well as upstate New York become an area where our children won’t or can’t return because of lack of economic opportunity.  We need more than one casino to jumpstart our economy and improve the economy here in Sullivan County if casino gaming is approved by the voters.  Please change your proposal to help Sullivan County become a great place to live, work, and bring up a family again.”


Be that person that makes a difference.  The only way to be heard is to speak up NOW!



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Bazzo 06/12/13

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