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June 7, 2013
The Top Five:

Dan Hogue, the former Sullivan County sheriff who died on May 22, was blunt and direct, and you always knew where you stood with him. I suppose some of that was from being a cop for 45 years, but a lot of it was just the man.

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“A True Red, White, And Blue American” – Eulogy By Former Sullivan County District Attorney Stephen F. Lungen


Saturday June 8, 2013 at 9:00 a.m

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When asked, all of the Sullivan County legislators on the committee said they did not have prior knowledge of Sager’s firing, some saying they’ll provide answers soon.

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Sager down but far from out

Ex-Family Services official criticizes firing

Liblick: Investigate David Sager’s Firing

The Rhulen Rock Hill Run & Ramble – 5 K Run & Walk

Saturday June 15, 2013 at 9:00 a.m  

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“The family of Irving and Rose Rosenberg have no objection to sharing the name of this road with my grandparents’ old friends, the Segar family. However, we would object most strenuously to all record of our grandparents’ names being erased. My grandparents were very involved in the life of the local community during the many years they lived there; it was their primary residence, even though they also maintained a small apartment in New York City, they voted and paid taxes as Bethel residents. We do still own property on the road that was originally named for them, and if we or our children choose to build another home there, it would be very sad indeed if the name of our grandparents was no longer honored as it had been for so many years.”

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“I don’t think there’s any real understanding of the casino business,” Sands President and Chief Operating Officer Michael Leven said yesterday at the company’s annual meeting in New York when an investor asked about expanding into New York. “It’s 20 years past the time where the Catskills would have been the place to put an integrated resort. The upstate markets wouldn’t have enough customers to make casinos very profitable.”

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Time For ‘Two?’ – Some Things That We Can Try Striving For…

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Oneida nation agreement is illegal vote-buying, lawyer for towns says

Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun Meet In Catskills Rivalry 

Developer Cappelli backs casinos for Concord, Grossinger’s

Editorial: Time to pick a winner in local casino contest

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Leaders held their annual pre-summer meeting with law enforcement from throughout the region and Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff said it is even more important than ever to make sure the guests and police are on the same page. “With current events in the Middle East and events that are happening in this country, it is extremely important that we make these ties really close so that if something does happen, we are advised quickly and we can respond,” he said.

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Writer’s Workshop of Sullivan County

The Freedom Associated With Being Insignificant In Sullivan County:

We have more freedom because Sullivan County is off the national security radar
by Ruby Pixman


Since that disastrous day “9-11” we’ve seen a steady stream of legislation and government actions that have been implemented in the name of national security.  They, in turn, have outright laid to waste many of our constitutional rights.
At airports, we have to allow bodily searches.  We have to tolerate surveillance placed at practically every street corner in both the cities and the suburbs.  We condone without question indefinite detention of individuals without their even having been charged with any crime, and without the right to a civilian trial.
Soon, if the “national security” authorities get their way,  in many communities, we may look to the skies and see drones hovering overhead, while trained government snoopers read our every email and review our conduct on our computers and PDAs.
If some of our “patriotic” politicians also get their way, a Great Wall may spread from the eastern to the western side of our border with Mexico in order to keep the illegal immigrant hordes from invading our nation and stealing our jobs.
Thanks to the recent massacre at Sandy Hook, Connecticut, we’ll soon have heavily armed cops in our schools.  Children will be handcuffed and led away from their classrooms for shooting others with rubber bands.
How does all this apply to Sullivan County?  Fortunately very little. Continue Reading
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