Lalor Joins Small Businesses to Say “Tax Free NY” is Just Corporate Welfare

Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor

For Immediate Release June 6, 2013

Contact: Chris Covucci – (845) 309-2654 or

Lalor Joins Small Businesses to Say Lower Taxes for all New Yorkers, Not Just a Handful

Wappingers Falls, NY – (6/6/13) – Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I – Fishkill) hosted a press conference at the The Market Street Industrial Park in Wappingers Falls today to call on Governor Cuomo to drop his “Tax Free New York” corporate welfare scheme and, instead, cut taxes for all New Yorkers.

“Governor Cuomo’s ‘tax free’ plan is just a new twist on corporate welfare,” said Lalor. “It really means tax free for just a few well-connected corporations picked by Albany and high taxes for everyone else. The governor is right when he says New York’s sky high taxes are driving away businesses and jobs. But, the the answer is across-the-board tax cuts for all New Yorkers, not more corporate welfare. Why eliminate taxes for a few companies, but not for the ones here in Wappingers or anywhere else? What makes Cuomo-selected corporations more important than the small businesses already here? The governor is looking for a glamourous, big initiative, but small business is the backbone of the economy and it needs help.”
Governor Cuomo’s Tax Free New York proposal will allow companies selected by Albany to open up shop on SUNY campuses where they won’t have to pay any taxes, corporate, property, or sales, for ten years. Their owners and employees won’t pay any state income tax. But, only new businesses or expanding businesses will be eligible. If you own a small business today you’re out of luck. If you work for an existing company you’re out of luck too. Opposition to the proposal is bipartisan and growing with unions and the non-partisan Tax Foundation criticizing the proposal.
Lalor continued, “The governor needs to go back to the drawing board with a plan to lower taxes for everyone. Right now, his plan will boost a few corporations picked by Albany, while the rest of the state is stuck with high taxes. It’s not fair to the small businesses already here and struggling to stay above water. The plan asks those small businesses to keep paying some of the highest taxes in the country. It offers them no relief. Instead, they’ll be footing the bill for the government subsidized corporations. Sometimes, they’ll even be footing the bill for their competitors. It’s not fair to their employees, who don’t get any tax relief either.”
“I’m glad Assemblyman Lalor is doing the right thing and standing up for all New Yorkers, not just the ones with Albany connections” said Jack Fedigan of the Market Street Industrial Park in Wappingers Falls. “Under Governor Cuomo’s plan our tax dollars would go to subsidizing our competition. New York’s taxes are out of control. We all need a tax cut. I hope the governor realizes everyone in New York is hurt by high taxes. Governor Cuomo needs a new plan that cuts taxes for all New Yorkers.”
“Governor Cuomo is ignoring all the small businesses already in New York,” said Emanuele Marinaro, owner of Pizza Time Restaurant in East Fishkill. “Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, but we’re drowning in taxes. We need tax relief. We don’t need to be subsidizing a tax-free lifestyle for a few corporations. Assemblyman Lalor is right, New York needs to cut taxes for everyone, that’s the right plan to help small businesses.”
Lalor concluded, “The governor argues that cutting taxes is hard; that we just can’t do it. He’s wrong and we desperately need to cut taxes for everyone. We’ll have to cut spending and make tough choices, but that’s what voters sent us to Albany to do. Other states have found ways to cut taxes and spending. We have to find ways to cut spending in New York. Albany spends $7 billion a year on economic development, but the non-partisan Citizens Budget Commission says that there is no evidence that money produces economic activity. That $7 billion slush fund is one place where we can start cutting. Governor Cuomo also tries to claim that broad tax cuts would only help New York City and not upstate. That argument doesn’t make any sense to upstate New Yorkers paying sky-high taxes.”


Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor, a former teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes in Poughkeepsie, is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and founder of the Dutchess County based consulting firm KML Strategies, LLC.  Lalor is the founder of Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans for Congress and a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel. He is a graduate of John Jay High School, Providence College and Pace Law School and lives in Fishkill with his wife Mary Jo and their four young children Katie, Riley, Mikey and Kieran Jr..

Bazzo 06/06/13

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