Gov. Luis Fortuño to Headline NYGOP Hispanic Coalition Launch and Fundraiser 06/20/13

June 6, 2013

Gov. Luis Fortuño to Headline NYGOP Hispanic Coalition Launch and Fundraiser

Contact: David Laska
ALBANY, NY… Luis Fortuño, Former Governor of Puerto Rico, will join NYGOP Chair Ed Cox and Impacto Latin News Managing Director Gail Smith on June 20 for the launching of the Latino National Republican Coalition of New York County. 

The New York County Coalition is the 15th county-level Hispanic Republican coalition established by the State Party over the last 14 months.


The establishment of these coalitions comes on the heels of the State Party’s 500-person dinner in Chinatown with Amb. Jon Huntsman and its event with Rev. A.R. Bernard and RNC Chair Reince Priebus as part of the Growth and Opportunity Project.


“From small business organizations and civic groups to parades and churches, direct community outreach is crucial as we build our party,” said Gov. Fortuño.  “These coalitions are a great first step and a reminder that a love for freedom, opportunity and economic growth doesn’t end at partisan or ethnic boundaries.”


Chairman Cox added, “We are deeply honored to have Gov. Fortuño join us this month.  I am immensely grateful to the Governor for his presence and support, and to Gail Smith for chairing this Coalition.  I look forward to working with Gail as we expand the scope and reach of our coalition and prove that the Republican Party embodies the aspirations of all Americans.”


Bazzo 06/06/13

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