Will Sean Patrick Maloney Condemn His Fellow Democrat’s Despicable Comments?

  For Immediate Release

June 4, 2013

Contact: Press Office

(202) 479-7070

Will Sean Patrick Maloney Condemn His Fellow Democrat’s Despicable Comments?

Maloney’s Colleague Says Conservative Individuals Were To Blame For IRS Scrutiny

WASHINGTON – Just a few hours ago, leaders of the groups that were targeted by the IRS testified before Congress. They told how they were improperly investigated simply because of their political views. Yet, Democrat Congressman Jim McDermott scolded the groups—even telling them it was their fault they received such treatment.

It’s outrageous that a member of Congress would blame these groups for the inappropriate activities of a government agency. It’s time that Sean Patrick Maloney condemn these despicable comments in no uncertain terms and demand that his fellow Democrat apologize for such a reckless statement.


“What Sean Patrick Maloney’s Democrat colleague said today was inexcusable,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “The victims of the IRS scandal shouldn’t be blamed for the actions of a scandal-ridden agency. It’s time that Maloney condemn his fellow Democrat’s comments and demand an apology.”


Today, Jim McDermott Scolded The Victims Of The IRS Scandal, Saying They Brought The IRS Scrutiny On Themselves. “If you didn’t come in and ask for this tax break, you would have never had a question asked of you.” (Rep. Jim McDermott, Ways and Means Committee Hearing, 6/4/13)




NRCC 320 First Street SE Washington, DC 20003 (202) 479-7000


Bazzo 06/05/13


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