Draft SEAL TEAM SIX Vet for US Senate

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3 June 2013
Contact: Kieran Michael Lalor
Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans for Congress (845) 616-3509 kieran@iraqvetsforcongress.com www.IraqVetsForCongress.com
Draft SEAL TEAM SIX Vet for US Senate   Statement from AIVC Founder Kieran Michael Lalor on AIVC’s Draft Zinke Efforts
There is an incredible opportunity RIGHT NOW to elect a true leader to the United States Senate if we act quickly.  We have the opportunity to send a Former Commander at SEAL TEAM SIX to help clean up Washington.

Career politician and ObamaCare architect Max Baucus has decided to not seek reelection.  Montana is traditionally a red state that Mitt Romney won by 14 points.  The time is NOW to draft a real leader and take away Harry Reid’s liberal majority. 

I am pleased to announce an effort led by Afghanistan and Iraq Vets for Congress (AIVC) to draft Ryan Zinke, CMDR USN SEAL (retired) for the United States Senate.   
(See Full Zinke Bio Below)
Democrats are trying to draft former Governor Brian Schweitzer. While campaigning for President Obama in Ohio, the governor called Montanans “white, racist rednecks.” This is not the kind of leadership we need in the US Senate. Statements like that are in sync with the divisive nature of the Harry Reid majority.
Since 2008 AIVC has helped dozens of veterans win Congressional primary and general elections.  In a recent radio interview, Ryan was asked “Max Baucus is out. Are you running?” His response, “We are seriously looking at the race. America needs more leadership and less politics. The mission is to elect leaders who have the courage to put country above self and party politics. I have not given myself a time table for a decision but I always stand ready to serve and keep America strong.” Join AIVC in rallying behind Commander Zinke.

We believe Commander Zinke could become the first Afghanistan or Iraq veteran in the US Senate.  The first step is sending him a strong message that we stand behind his candidacy. Please take the time to do the following to make sure he knows that a swell of support is rising behind him:

• Like and Message him on his Facebook Page • Reply to AIVC so we can tally and relay your message of support • Forward this message to friends and family that want to see a change in Washington
Our nation needs tried and tested veteran leadership in the US Senate, not another career politician. Show your support today!

### Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans for Congress PAC (AIVC) is a federally registered political action committee supporting the campaigns of Republican veterans. AIVC looks for veterans who are determined to become a voice for our troops, military families and hardworking patriotic Americans who believe that our country, our Constitution and our way of life are worth fighting for. AIVC was founded in 2007 by Kieran Michael Lalor, a Marine Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and a current Member of the New York State Assembly.  In just a few short years, AIVC has helped dozens of Republican veterans win primary and general elections.  www.IraqVetsForCongress.com

To Contribute to Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans for Congress PAC so we can continue to elect more conservative Republican veterans to Congress click here.  

Full Ryan Zinke Bio
Ryan Zinke is a third generation Montanan who graduated from the University of Oregon on an athletic scholarship and graduated with a B.S. in Geology. As a four-year letterman, he received numerous awards to include All-Pacific TEN honors, the Pacific TEN Medal, the University Sahlstrom Award, and the prestigious Emerald Cup for academic, athletic, and leadership excellence.
Ryan’s distinguished military career began in 1985 when he graduated from Officer Candidate School and attended SEAL training (class 136). He was then assigned to SEAL Team ONE in Coronado, CA where he led counter-insurgency and contingency operations in the Persian Gulf and the Pacific theater of operations.
From 1990-93 and again from 1996-99, he was selected to SEAL TEAM SIX where he was a Team Leader, Ground Force Commander, Task Force Commander and Current Operations Officer in support of National Command Authority missions.
He then served as the Special Operations Officer in Europe and led the first exercise between former Soviet Special Forces and NSW forces. His service continued as the SEAL Commander of Joint Task Force TWO in support of Special Operations missions in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Kosovo.
In 2004, Ryan was assigned as Deputy and acting Commander (Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Arabian Peninsula) in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM where he led a force of over 3,500 Special Operations personnel in Iraq in the conduct of 360 combat patrols, 48 Direct Action missions, and hundreds of sensitive operations. He was responsible for killing or capturing 72 known enemy insurgents and terrorists. In 2006, he was awarded two Bronze Stars for his combat service.
Ryan’s final Naval assignment was establishing the Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command where he served as “Dean” of the Naval Special Warfare graduate school. He led a staff of over 250 educators which provided over 43 college level courses to over 2,500 students annually at 15 different locations world-wide. He retired from active duty in 2008 after a distinguished 23 years as a US Navy SEAL.
In 2008, Zinke was elected to the Montana State Senate representing District 2 which includes the cities of Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and the entirety of Glacier National Park. Senator Zinke chaired the Senate Education Committee and served on the Senate Finance and Claims Committee. Significant bills include Workers Compensation reform and increasing flexibility in education options. Often referred to as a “Teddy Roosevelt” Republican, Senator Zinke is an advocate for fiscal sanity, working families, small businesses, conservative values and a reformed education system that actually works.
Senator Zinke is the CEO of two business development firms. He also serves as the Director of the Montana Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Center for Remote Integration, Director of the Montana Firearms Institute (MFI), and is the President and Founder of the Great Northern Veterans Peace Park Foundation. Ryan’s most recent venture is Founder and Chairman of Special Operations for America.
Ryan Zinke holds an MBA in Finance and an MS in Global Leadership from the University of San Diego. He is married to the former Lolita Hand and has two young boys, Wolfgang and Konrad, and a daughter Jennifer, who is a former US Navy Diver and is married to a Navy SEAL.
SEAL’s and other Special Operators have been solving the most complex problems around the world. It is time we start sending them to Washington to fix America.

   This email is paid for and authorized by Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans for Congress PAC and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


Bazzo 06/03/13

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