Broken Promise: Despite ObamaCare Sales Pitch Memo, 30 Million Will Be Left Uninsured

  For Immediate Release

May 30, 2013

Contact: Press Office

(202) 479-7070


Broken Promise: Despite ObamaCare Sales Pitch Memo, 30 Million Will Be Left Uninsured

Maloney ordered to defend ObamaCare by Nancy Pelosi

WASHINGTON – Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s 78-page memo orders House Democrats, like Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, to defend the fundamental flaws found in ObamaCare and its negative impact on families and small businesses. Pelosi’s ObamaCare “toolkit” even includes a section highlighting uninsured Americans by state – something ObamaCare will fail to fix.


Despite promises and assertions from President Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, 30 million Americans will continue to be uninsured after ObamaCare is fully implemented.


“Will Sean Patrick Maloney follow Nancy Pelosi’s orders and host press conferences to brag about ObamaCare when 30 million Americans will remain uninsured after it’s fully implemented?” asked NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “Uninsured New York families and small businesses will be disappointed with Maloney’s broken promises and defense of ObamaCare’s failures.”



Sean Patrick Maloney Voted Against Repealing ObamaCare. (H.R. 45, Roll Call Vote # 154, 5/16/13)


30 Million Americans Will Remain Uninsured Under ObamaCare. (“Effects on Health Insurance and the Federal Budget for the Insurance Coverage Provisions in the Affordable Care Act – May 2013 Baseline,” Congressional Budget Office, 5/14/2013)


Many people who buy their own health insurance could get surprises in the mail this fall: cancellation notices. (Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, “Like your health care policy? You may be losing it,” Associated Press, 5/29/13)


Nancy Pelosi demands Democrats hold events to sell ObamaCare. (“Exclusive: Here Is Nancy Pelosi’s Plan To Sell ObamaCare,” Ben Smith, Buzzfeed, 5/28/13)





NRCC 320 First Street SE Washington, DC 20003 (202) 479-7000

Bazzo 05/31/13

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