Black Bear Fuel Oil Newsletter: Sign up for Black Bear Fuel Oil’s “Lock In Savings” Program 05/29/13

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Now’s The Time To Save On Next Year’s Winter Fuel Oil Costs!

Sign up for Black Bear Fuel Oil’s “Lock In Savings” Program 


By Tina and Bobby Mapes


With the summer coming, our memories of the cold winter, and the oil bills that accompanied the frigid weather, have faded. 


But now is the time to start thinking about heating oil for next winter-and protecting yourself from future spikes in oil prices during the winter months.


Starting on June 30th, Black Bear Fuel Oil will once again begin offering its customers our “Lock In Savings” Program that not only eases the burden of paying those high oil bills during the winter (especially during and immediately after the holiday season), but also allows you to more definitively budget over the year for your heating costs.


It’s a value added customer service program we have been offering our customers since we started our business.  Over the years, the “Lock In Savings” program has certainly grown in popularity.


Our “Lock In Savings” program is designed to allow you to make affordable, monthly payments instead of having to come up with 4 or 5 large payments during the winter.


The “Lock In Savings” program starts with oil delivery on or after October 1st and runs until April 30th. It works as follows: You purchase a contract of a minimum of 500 gallons (there’s no maximum amount) at a set price.  Used in conjunction with our automatic delivery program, deliveries are made regularly based on a degree day basis and the purchase of the contract is billed over the next year.



What’s also great is that our customers cost per gallon never goes higher than set price if they have a “Lock In Savings” plan.


What’s even better: Our plan also features a built in protection program:  If price of fuel oil goes lower than the contract price, the price paid goes lower.


Last year, those of our customers that locked in saved an average of 50 cents a gallon.  With our customers using an average of 1200 gallons of heating oil last winter (it was cold winter), those that opted to lock in saved about $600-which covered the cost of a lot of their Christmas gifts.


Based on your past use last year, we can estimate how many gallons of oil you will use the coming year and then divide the amount of the contract into 12 payments. If there’s a balance left in the account after 12 months, that amount is applied to either lower next year’s budget payment or for future oil purchases.


For those customers with more than one dwelling or a business using heating oil, we can either provide multiple “Lock In Savings” accounts or keep the purchase of oil under one contract for each dwelling-your choice!


The cost of this service is $17.99 monthly, with a $99 start up fee.  That’s a lot cheaper than the usual payment plan fee charged by our competitors, which is 38+ cents a gallon.


As part of the program, we can set up an automatic bill payment schedule where we can debit your checking account, credit card, or debit card on the 10th of the month. It’s fast, easy and secure.


So even though it’s the end of Spring, start saving now.  Send us an email or call us at (845) 791-8900 to sign up or for further information on the “Lock In Savings” program.


Tina & Bobby


Bazzo 05/29/13

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