PRESS RELEASE] Large crowd gathers at Forcina For Yorktown Council event

Serafina Mastro, (914) 488-4467

Dorothy Forcina, director of corporate partnerships at Mercy College, is a Republican candidate for Yorktown Town Council. She hosted her campaign kick-off at Kirby’s Restaurant in Yorktown Heights on May 22nd.
YORKTOWN, NY – The Campaign to Elect Dorothy Forcina to the Yorktown Town Board held its kickoff event at Kirby’s Grill and Bar on Kear Street in Yorktown Heights.  With over 50 friends and supporters, this self-proclaimed “Grass Roots Movement” has started to grow.
Serafina Mastro, Chairwoman of the Yorktown Republican Party said, “Dorothy Forcina is a hardworking businesswoman, with 30 years of corporate business experience, a mother and a wife who is deeply involved in our community. At the Westchester County Association, she learned about the challenges facing local government and how high taxes negatively impact economic development. By electing Dorothy to the town board we are electing a true advocate for a better Yorktown.”
During her welcoming remarks, Forcina said, “One of my mentors said that government changed when we went from citizen legislators to career politicians and we need to have more citizens get involved in government.”
L-R: Nicole, Dorothy and Anthony Forcina join a crowd of over 50 at Kirby’s restaurant in Yorktown on May 22nd to celebrate Dorothy Forcina’s Town Board campaign kick-off.

Forcina stated she wants her and her neighbors to be able to shop locally and eat in restaurants in Yorktown instead of traveling to Yonkers or Danbury. “It doesn’t make sense that when her daughter wants to shop or see a movie, there is nothing in Yorktown,” she said.
She spent 8 years as managing director of the Westchester County Association. Prior to that, she worked on Wall Street as Chief Technology Officer for 20 years. Currently, she is the Director of Corporate Partnerships at Mercy College and also serves as President the Yorktown High School PTSA.
“I don’t know when business became a bad word, but there is a balance to everything,” Forcina said. “Everyone may not agree with my decisions, but I hope people will know they are based on research and in the best interest of Yorktown and no personal interest.”


Dr. Terrence Murphy, Forcina’s running mate who was elected to the board in 2009, said that he and Forcina understand how important it is for our children their parents and grandparents to be able to remain in the community and raise their families here.
“Dorothy Forcina will work hard to lower taxes and make Yorktown a more-business friendly community to broaden the tax base and ensure that Yorktown is affordable for families, seniors, and our children,” Councilman Murphy said. “By electing Dorothy Forcina, taxpayers will have a dynamic, community minded businesswoman with 30 years of experience as their advocate for a better Yorktown.”
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