Family to Speaker Silver: Please Pass “Alice’s Law”

Chiaroscuro Foundation

Contact: Josh Knoller, 212-938-8036          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE



Albany, NY-May 17…The family of Alice Ross, a Queens woman killed ten years ago this spring in a staged auto accident by criminals committing insurance fraud, today implored New York State Assembly Speaker Silver to allow “Alice’s Bill” to come to the floor for a vote. It has passed in the State Senate.

“Alice’s Bill” would establish a new felony-level crime of staging a motor vehicle accident.

“This bill would go a long way toward protecting the safety of New York drivers against criminals who are on our roads every day looking for the next victim that will give them a pay day,” said Alice Ross’s brother, Don Peters. “Alice needlessly lost her life to this growing crime and the longer we go without addressing it, the more drivers are at risk. On behalf of Alice and the many faceless victims of stages accidents in New York, I’m asking Speaker Silver to please allow this bill to come to the floor.”

The Assembly bill, sponsored by Assemblyman David Weprin (D-Queens), is currently under review in the Codes Committee. Ms. Ross was a constituent of Mr. Weprin’s and has been a vocal advocate for the bill’s passage.

Watch video of Alice Ross’s brother’s visit to Albany…


Bazzo 05/17/13

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