It’s Crucial To Keep Your Pet’s Vaccinations Up To Date

Animal Hospital of Sullivan County Newsletter
May, 2013 


It’s Crucial To Keep Your Pet’s Vaccinations Up To Date


Your pet should have a wellness plan that includes not only vaccinations, but also encompasses disease prevention through yearly physical examinations 


Dr. Barbara Bodolosky
by Barbara J. Bodolosky, D.V.M.


Remember those booster shots we used to get as school children? 


Most of us still have a little scar or two on our arm from those vaccinations that were given to keep us healthy and immune from terrible diseases.


Like humans, it’s extremely important that pets too receive a number of vaccinations throughout their lifetimes-including booster shots too.  Some of these shots are actually mandated by law.


Vaccinations not only boost a pet’s health, but also prevent the spread of Zoonotic diseases, which lead to the infection of humans by animals.


Why are pet vaccinations so important?


It’s like the old adage says: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


It’s important to stick to a pet vaccination protocol to insure that both you and your pet stay healthy and live longer-and pets die from diseases too.


Vaccines are substances used in the practice of medicine to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases. Basically, they help the body fight an invasion of a disease causing organism. They contain antigens, which mirror a disease causing organism, but don’t actually cause the disease.  Once a body is vaccinated, these antigens cause the body to be either immune or prepared to fight off and reduce the severity of an illness.


For dogs and cats, there are two types of vaccinations.


First there are core vaccinations, which are those vaccines which all dogs and cats, regardless of circumstances, should receive without question. These vaccines protect pets from severe, life-threatening diseases which have global distribution, such as rabies.


Then there are non-core vaccines.  Factors to be considered for these types of vaccines are the pet’s geographical location, its local residential living environment and both the owner’s /pet’s lifestyle and the corresponding risk to contract specific infections.


For example, there are dogs and cats that spend most of their time outdoors or that spend a lot of time in boarding or grooming facilities – these pets need non-core vaccines to guard against specific diseases that an indoor dog or cat may not ever be exposed to in their limited environments.


So how often do dogs and cats need to receive vaccinations?


That depends on the pet’s age, its health, and its lifestyle.  Other considerations which Veterinarians use to determine a vaccine regime include the pet’s size, its breed, whether it was spayed or neutered, and its past vaccination history.


Generally speaking, most dogs and cats start receiving vaccinations at 6-8 weeks of age and continue through 16 weeks of age and then receive certain vaccinations annually and others once every three years.


At the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, we spend time with our patients to determine which core and non-core vaccines are necessary to keep a pet healthy and vibrant and then offer the appropriate vaccination package at very affordable prices.


We determine a vaccination regime that will provide the best and safest medical protection for your dog or cat.


Each pet receives a custom regime of vaccinations and other medical treatments.  We establish a schedule throughout the pet’s life-from infancy to old age and also monitor our patients for any adverse reactions to such vaccinations.


Generally speaking, from early on in their lives, your pet should have a wellness plan that includes not only vaccinations, but also encompasses disease prevention through yearly physical examinations by a veterinarian from tip of nose to tip of tail, nutrition counseling to enhance your pet’s immune system and body condition, heartworm/ flea and tick control products to prevent mosquito/flea and tick born diseases, and early detect lab tests as a precaution to reduce the potential for various illnesses and diseases through all the life stages.


AHSC provides each of our clients with a pet wellness care regime which includes an individualized program that provides vaccinations, monitoring behavior and nutrition, regular veterinarian checkups, and taking preventative measures to protect your canine or feline friend against diseases and other health risks.


Our ultimate goal is a longer, healthier and comfortable life for our patients so our clients can have their cherished pets as long as possible.


Reply to this email or call us at (845) 292-6711 and find out more about the very affordable AHSC Wellness Care Plan, which includes a customized vaccination regime for your dog and cat.  We will schedule a free consultation to review your pet’s vaccination and wellness plan.


I look forward to seeing you soon.


The Only Animal Hospital Accredited by the AAHA in Sullivan County.
Our practice has met the high standards of AAHA which pertain to facilities, equipment, practice methods, & management,
for over 25 years

The Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, which has been in business for 60 years, offers a traditional, individualized approach to pet care that combines a state of the art, animal clinic providing a broad range of specialized services and care with a commitment to deliver exhaustive care on a one-to-one basis that both pets and their owners expect and deserve.


Dr. Bodolosky and her staff of highly motivated and devoted employees do their utmost to the best service and experience to our clients and their companions.

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