THIS FRIDAY, a “do not miss” show 05/17/13 At 12 Grapes
David Clark’s reproduction of this music is outstanding.
CLICK the arrow in the middle of the photo
 to sample the music here Friday night
David Clark’s
“Songs in the Attic”
David’s stunningly accurate piano playing and lead vocals — combined with a dynamic, high-energy band — attracts Billy Joel fans wherever he performs, including the Nesconset and
Jones Beach Summer Concert Series.
Help us choose our next big tribute band!
In the past, 12 Grapes has presented tributes to Aerosmith, The Beatles,
The Eagles, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, The Police, Simon & Garfunkel, YES and others. COMING UP: Tributes to the Sinatra-era (June 9),
Southern Rock (June 15), Woodstock (Aug 16) and Led Zeppelin (Sept 7).
We would appreciate your help by hitting REPLY to this email and typing in the one (or two) band name(s) that most interests you.
Would you come to see a tribute to (pick 1 or 2 only):
-Pat Benatar               -Genesis
-Bob Marley                -The Rolling Stones
-The Beatles               -Steely Dan
-The Cars                   -Jethro Tull
-Earth Wind & Fire      -Fleetwood Mac
-U2                           -Van Halen
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