NY Post Editorial on NYGOP Keynote Speaker Ted Cruz

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz will be the keynote speaker at our Annual State Dinner.  In case you missed it, last week the New York Post said in an editorial that it’s “encouraging to see the party show a little insurrectionist streak” by inviting Cruz.
Here’s the invitation to the 2013 NYGOP Annual Dinner. Check out the whole NY Post editorial below:
The Cruz Schmooze
New York Post
May 7, 2013
When New York’s Republican Party invited Sen. Ted Cruz to headline a GOP fund-raiser to be held in the Big Apple this month, it was encouraging to see the party show a little insurrectionist streak.
But no sooner had the Texas Republican been invited, critics here and in Washington pounced. The executive director of the state Democratic Party, Rodney Capel, accused Cruz of being an “extremist” who is the nation’s “most anti-New York senator.”

Over the weekend, the former governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, piled on, using a TV appearance to advance the racial theory that Cruz – one of the three Latinos in the Senate – is not a real Hispanic because of his positions on immigration.Unfortunately, it’s not only Democrats. Long Island Republican congressman Pete King announced he would be boycotting the Cruz fund-raiser for the same reason Democrats called him “anti-New York”: The Texan’s record on Sandy aid.The truth is that when that legislation was before Congress, no one on Capitol Hill, Cruz included, was objecting to an infusion of federal emergency cash for those in the tri-state area who had suffered damage from Sandy.What they objected to was writing a blank check for legislation filled with pork (Alaska fisheries, anyone?) and no clear priorities for how the money would be spent.In wake of reports that the Cuomo administration will now be using some of the federal disaster relief for a $140 million promotional ad campaign, the questions Cruz raised about Sandy relief don’t make him look anti-New York. They make him look pro-taxpayer.New Yorkers could use politicians willing to ask those questions here.

Bazzo 05/13/13
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