Want to make your federal grant application process more efficient? Learn how at next Thursday’s audioconference.


Upcoming Audioconference:

Improving the Federal Grant Process with Strategies That Work

Thursday, May 16th 2:00 – 3:15pm ET button

Are you a federal grant applicant or would-be applicant who’s ever found the process daunting and difficult, no matter how often you’ve applied? You’re not alone! Even though requirements rarely change much year to year, most applicants struggle with the process, regardless of experience. And, simply deciding to apply can require a substantial commitment of time and money and difficult resource allocation decisions.

That’s why we encourage you to join us for this information-packed audioconference that will save your organization time and money while increasing your grantseeking effectiveness. Veteran grantwriter and consultant Glenda O’Neal will draw on 35 years of federal grant experience to share best practices and proven techniques to help you streamline the application process and improve your chances for success.

In this 75-minute event, she will address how to ease the process, avoid common pitfalls that can harm your efforts, and tackle common challenges such as:

  • Overcoming difficulties getting information
  • Ensuring your project’s budget and available funding are in sync
  • Keeping the process on time and on track
  • Maximizing your ability to work with a partner
  • Minimizing costly modifications
  • And, getting the process off the ground on the right foot in the first place

Special Offer: Add a 3-month subscription to Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor to your order for just $49!


But don’t wait to sign-up – There are only a limited number of slots available!

  • Click here for quick, secure registration on our website
  • Call us at 1-800-666-6380, ext. 2 with your credit card, check or PO information
  • Email us at info@cdpublications.com

Unable to join us live? CD Recordings are also available for pre-order.

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 Improving the Federal Grant Process With Strategies That Work  – Join us May 16 2-3:15 PM EST for an information-packed audio conference that will save your organization time and money while increasing your grantseeking effectiveness. http://www.cdpublications.com/store/504

The Role of Sequestration on Federal Funding – CD Publications presents a FREE audio conference featuring in-depth analyses and reporting provided by our staff in a roundtable discussion. Click the link to sign up for MP3 download http://www.cdpublications.com/store/396

Download FREE PDF samples or get a 14-day trial to any of our news services at http://www.cdpublications.com/samples

CD Publications | 8204 Fenton St. Silver Spring, MD 20910 | 1-800-666-6380


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