Where Was NARAL for Silver Sex Abuse Coverup?

Chiaroscuro Foundation

Statement from Greg Pfundstein 

President, Chiaroscuro Foundation

May 8, 2013



“NARAL’s new radio ad attacking Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is absurd. When has Leader Skelos ever voted against birth control, as the ad alleges? Moreover, where was NARAL when Democratic Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver was caught trying to cover up sex crimes committed by his male colleagues in the Assembly? Yet it has the temerity to call Senator Skelos ‘anti-women’ for opposing a dangerous bill that could cost women their lives?  If NARAL truly believed in protecting women it would have called on Shelly Silver to resign. NARAL’s new ad is deceitful and brazenly hypocritical. If NARAL really cares about women’s health and safety, why would it advocate to allow non-physicians to perform abortions? It doesn’t make sense. Dean Skelos and his conference ought to be applauded for looking out for women.”



A statewide poll on the abortion issue is available

 Bazzo 05/09/13
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