The SC NewsBuzz: Heavy Truck Traffic Banned; Escaping Boston Bombings in Catskills; “Glamping” Latest Tourist Craze 04/26/13

The Sullivan County
E-News Roundup
A Roundup of Sullivan County & Catskills e-News & More!
April 26, 2013
The Top Five:

The local law in Lumberland, if it is passed, will prohibit trucks over 33,000 pounds from using town roads except in the case of pick ups and deliveries to addresses on town roads. Agricultural vehicles, town vehicles and school buses will be exempt.

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Lansman’s Day Camp – “Where Memories Are Made”

Creating Summer Memories For Sullivan County Children For Over 60 Years!

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“We were out West a couple of years ago visiting my stepson and we stayed at a camp site. We discovered a yurt and we thought it was very interesting and we decided we might like to do something like this in Sullivan County,” said Linda Decker.

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Animal Hospital of Sullivan County – Barbara J. Bodolosky D.V.M.
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Catskill Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine – Barry M. Scheinfeld, M.D
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While voters in a democracy get the government they deserve, nobody deserves to be governed with such uncertainty. And if the village is on the verge of getting cut off for lack of payment, it is time for some responsible adults outside the village government to step in for the protection of public safety.

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Mr. Willy’s Restaurant: The BEST in Creative American Cuisine in the Catskills
The Primary Get-Together Destination for Locals & Tourists Alike –  Route 42 South, Monticello, NY  845-794-0888 – Great food. A warm atmosphere. A fun place to relax with family and friends.

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The Himalaya has the Yeti; the Pacific Northwest, the Sasquatch. Here in the Catskills, the legendary creature prowling the dark and tangled hills is the mountain lion. The New York State Department of Conservation says no; the big cats were hunted to extinction by the 1930s. But dozens of accounts, some from seemingly impeccable sources such as ex-police officers, say otherwise.

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Black Bear Fuel Oil – “Call The Bear, We’ll Be There

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“I never wrote about the Catskills. All two hours of them. One of the reasons was that the day we spent in the mountains was the day of the Boston bombing. So writing about our idyllic getaway didn’t feel right. Another reason was that those few hours felt perfect.”

Unfair taxation in Sullivan County

It’s really time to really take on good old boy anti-growth protectionists and tax exempts, just not make headlines about it 


by Ruby Pixman

As we know, Sullivan County government is practically broke.


In my last Writer’s Workshop of Sullivan County article, I argued that the County Legislature has mislaid much of the blame associated with its perilous financial circumstances on supposed rampant welfare and Medicaid fraud.


And as a consequence in fixating fault on servicing the poor, they created a new, well-paid position for going after and recouping from these cheats, with the possibility of recipients wrongfully going to jail.


I also contended the unlikelihood that the same form of justice will be meted-out to rich and powerful welfare suppliers.


I called for the similar criminal prosecution of hospitals and doctors that provide unneeded medical tests and treatments, along with unscrupulous food merchants who can easily accept food stamps in payment for disallowed items, like dog food.


So what’s really the answer that doesn’t fix blame on the poor alone?….Continue Reading   Join Mailing List


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