HC&G Deeds & Don’ts Panel: The State of Real Estate Today

Deeds & Don’ts: A Deeper Dive

The State of Real Estate Today

Cottages & Gardens Publications is known for its iconic “Deeds  & Don’ts” column, and as a preview to the upcoming Hamptons season, HC&G hosted a panel on the subject at a 12,000-square-foot mansion on Georgica Pond in East Hampton last week.
Moderated by CEO and Publication Director Marianne Howatson, the  panel featured: Long Island preeminent design-builder Jeffrey Collé,  author Steven Gaines, HC&G contributing editor Heather Buchanan and NYC&G features editor Carmela Ciuraru. Read more about the event and what our panelists said HERE!
Are You Ready for Summer?
Don’t miss HC&G’s June kick-off issue! Capture the  attention of 208,000 readers as they get ready for the Hamptons Summer  Season! Celebrating 12 years of high-end home design and luxury  resources. Distributes just prior to Memorial Day weekend. 
HC&G‘s recent real estate survey reveals its readers  are planning to buy and sell a primary residence (36%) and buy a  vacation or investment property (48%) in the next 6 months to two years!
Space Closing: April 25
Materials Due: May 3
Distribution: May 24
For more information, contact:
Pamela Eldridge: 631.329.3067/peldridge@cottagesgardens.com

Cottages & Gardens Publications | 203.227.1400 | www.cottages-gardens.com
 Bazzo 04/24/13
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