New Radio Ad: “Safe, Legal, Rare” Released Today

Chiaroscuro Foundation

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New York–Apr. 19…The third in a series of radio advertisements about efforts to expand New York’s already liberal abortion laws began airing today in the Albany radio market. Additional ads will be rolled out in the coming days.

The 30-second spot, “Safe, Legal, and Rare” — it can be heard here — addresses proposed changes in New York law that could significanty increase the number of abortions in a state already considered the abortion capital of America.


According to a recent statewide survey of the attitudes of New Yorkers on the issue of abortion:

  • A vast majority (78.8%), when informed of the number of abortions in New York, believe there already is sufficient access to abortion procedures here;

  • 75% oppose changing the law so that someone other than a doctor can perform surgical abortions;

  • 89% oppose abortions for reducing twins or triplets to a single child, and

  • 92% oppose late-term abortions for sex selection.

New Yorkers favor of restrictions on abortion in fact:

  • 87% favor providing pregnant mothers information about options before they make a decision;

  • 78% approve of a 24 hour waiting period;

  • 76% approve parental notification when a minor seeks an abortion;

  • 68% approve of providing free medical care to mothers carrying their pregnancies to term, and

  • 86% favor regulating abortion clinics as strictly as other medical facilities.

“New York women want and deserve more choices, not more abortion,” said Meg McDonnell, a spokeswoman for the Chiaroscuro Foundation. “New York’s elected officials should take a close look at this data and work on making abortions rarer, not more commonplace and more dangerous. Those pushing for this legislation are far out of the mainstream and they need to be called on it.”


The script for “Safe, Legal, and Rare” is below:


Dear Governor Cuomo,


Do you really think they’re aren’t enough abortions in New York?  

Because most New Yorkers think they’re too many.

In New York City, the numbers are staggering:  

40% of all pregnancies are aborted every year — 60 % of African-American pregnancies.

There’ve been a million abortions in the last 10 years alone.    

And you’re pushing a bill to increase that number?  

I’m sorry, Governor, but that’s just crazy.

Whatever happened to safe, legal, and rare?



 Bazzo 04/19/13
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