Radio Ad: ‘Pregnancy Violence’ Released Wednesday

Chiaroscuro Foundation

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First in Series of Radio Ads on Albany Abortion Expansion Efforts



New York–Apr. 17…The first in a series of radio advertisements about efforts to expand New York’s already liberal abortion laws began airing today in the Albany radio market by the Chiaroscuro Foundation, a New York-based organization seeking to lower the number of abortions in New York. Additional ads will be rolled out by Chiaroscuro in the coming days.


The first 30-second spot, “Pregnancy Violence” — it can be heard here — addresses a proposed change in state law that would prevent assailants who physically attack women and cause them to miscarry from being charged with manslaughter or murder.


“The Chiaroscuro Foundation believes that any legislation to lessen criminal charges for the killing of an unborn child during a crime is morally repugnant,” said Chiaroscuro Foundation spokeswoman Meg McDonnell. “Pregnant woman deserve every protection possible against this kind of violence, which happens all too frequently. In the name of decency, we ask that the Governor seriously consider his position on this issue.”


The script for “Pregnancy Violence” is below:


Every day, a pregnant woman somewhere in America suffers the worst kind of violence.


She’s punched or kicked in the abdomen, where her child grows, in an act of unthinkable cruelty.


In Buffalo last year, a man killed an unborn child just this way.   


But under a bill being considered in Albany, that man couldn’t be charged with murder.


Even if the mother were 8 ½ months pregnant.


I’m sorry, Governor Cuomo, but that’s crazy.


If you want to protect women from violence, Governor, please don’t put us at greater risk of it.  





 Bazzo 04/17/13
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