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Springtime Is Time To Tune Up Your Heating & Air Conditioning Systems


Call now for Black Bear Fuel Oil’s Spring Tune Up Special 


By Tina and Bobby Mapes

The winter is over, the weather is warming up, and you’re ready to do some spring cleaning, start to dig up and plant the garden, paint a room or two, and perform other rites associated with the change of seasons.

Another rite of spring should be both a tune up of your furnace, which ran hard this winter, and a simultaneous tune up of your air conditioning system.


Ask anyone in our HVAC industry and they will tell you its the best time of year to clean, service, and tune up both your heating and air conditioning systems.

Much like you should change the oil in your car or truck at regular intervals to keep the engine running smooth, a technician should tune up your home or office heating and cooling systems every Spring. And just like your car, tuned-up HVAC units use fuel more efficiently and therefore saves you money.

Here’s why a spring tuneup is so important: Your furnace or boiler has just run for the winter season and is still active. Combustion residues deposited over those winter months, which reduce efficiency and can result in a breakdown, can be more easily removed when they haven’t sat all summer. If you perform maintenance on your heating system in April or May, summer moisture from the more humid air will not be able to “soak” into those deposits if they are gone.

And remember this: Soon the warm weather will be here and even though we live in the mountains, you need to ensure that you can combat hot weather by making sure that your air conditioning unit is working properly and that it is serviced regularly so as to keep it working like new.

So by tuning up both your heating and cooling systems in the spring, you extend the life of your equipment, prevent unnecessary and untimely breakdowns in the future, and boost the efficiency of your systems that save you money in future electric and fuel costs. Having such an inspection and tune up also ensures the safety of the operation of the units.

And putting off such an inspection can result in the replacement of broken down systems with brand new equipment that is costly and may not fit into your current budget.

At Black Bear Fuel Oil, we pride ourselves on our exceptional quality and service. By employing only the best technicians in the industry and keeping them trained on and certified in new heating and cooling technologies we are able to ensure that our customers stay satisfied.

In terms of tuning up your furnace and air conditioning units, our great technicians perform a thorough inspection and cleaning of your heating and air conditioning systems. Such work includes cleaning the burner assembly, condensate drains, ignition assembly, and heat section; cleaning and replacing the filter; and cleaning and adjusting the blower assembly and inside and outside evaporator coils. Their work also includes tuning burners, testing refrigerant charge, capacitors, crankcase heaters, and air flow; verifying that the flue draft is venting properly, calibrating the thermostat, inspecting and checking controls and safeties, visually inspecting duct work, measuring and recording voltage and amperage, and adjusting the fan switch and balancing dampers.


So what are you waiting for?  It’s time for you to order a spring tuneup from Black Bear Fuel Oil.

So act now before the appointments fill up. Click here to send an email contact or call us at (845) 791-8900 today!


Tina & Bobby

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