Combatting Corruption from the GOV

Bazzo 04/10/13
From the Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Dear Fellow New Yorker,

When Governor Cuomo was sworn into office, he made a commitment to return integrity to state government. While we have made tremendous progress towards a more efficient and effective government, prosecuting public corruption is essential to ensuring that the government works for the people.

That’s why the Governor, joined in New York City by District Attorneys from across the state, proposed new legislation today to crack down on public corruption in New York.

The Public Trust Act will establish a new class of public corruption crimes and expand the current definitions of public corruption offenses so that prosecutors can hold accountable those who violate the public’s trust. The law would also impose tougher jail sentences on individuals that misuse public funds and permanently bar those convicted of public corruption offenses from holding any elected or civil office, lobbying, contracting, receiving state funding, or doing business with the state, directly or through an organization.

Click here to learn more about the proposed Public Trust Act.

We have made too much progress in rebuilding this state to allow individuals who commit public corruption crimes to hold us back.

Together, we will continue to make government work for the people.


The Office of the Governor!/nygovcuomo
Governor Cuomos Facebook Page

This is a message from the New York State Executive Chamber, State Capitol, Albany, NY 12224.
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