It’s Spring And A Good Time To Spay or Neuter Your Dog or Cat

Animal Hospital of Sullivan County Newsletter
April, 2013 


Coming of Spring Is A Good Time

to Spay or Neuter Your Dog Or Cat


It’s a onetime cost that
reaps many health & living benefits!


Dr. Barbara Bodolosky
by Barbara J. Bodolosky, D.V.M.


Nature has a remarkable way of reawakening life in the spring.


As the April rains begin and the winter snows fill our waterways, the reproductive processes of nature come back to life in our Catskill Mountain habitat.


And as the weather gets warmer and we begin to put our dogs and cats outside again, that in turn increases the probability of their exposure to mating with one another.


So spring is a very good time to discuss neutering or spaying your dog and cat.


Female dogs and cats normally start going into heat, or what is also known as the estrous cycle, about six to nine months of age. Dogs come into heat every six to twelve months thereafter. Cats will continuously come into heat until they get pregnant.


So while spring doesn’t necessarily mean that dogs and cats go into heat, with the season changing and more dogs and cats outside, they tend to roam and get pregnant this time of year.


Now is a good time to spay or neuter your dog or cat, particularly if it is a puppy or kitten six to nine months year of age.


A decision by a pet owner to spay or neuter their dog or cat is one of the most important ones they will make in their pet’s lifetime. And from both a humane and medical point of view, there are a number of good reasons to spay or neuter your dog or cat.


Spaying a female (removing the ovaries from a female dog) or neutering a male (removing the testicles of your male pet) prevents unwanted pregnancies and improves a pet’s behavior.  It also decreases the chances of them roaming away from home, which can result in them getting infected with fleas and ticks, getting attacked and injured or even killed by other territorial or feral animals, or getting hit by motor vehicles.


Other than preventing an increase in an already overpopulation of unwanted and uncared for dogs and cats, the other benefits for spaying or neutering a dog or cat include: eliminating the risk of testicular or ovarian cancer; eliminating bacterial infections for females in the uterus (pyometra); reducing the chance of breast cancer (deadly in 50% of dogs, deadly in 95% of cats); and reducing the tendency to bite in dogs, and making the dog more amenable to training.


Other advantages of neutering and spaying include: eliminating messy cycles for females dogs and the attraction of unwanted dogs to your home; helping eliminate or reduce spraying/marking in cats and dogs, reducing the tendency to fight for territory; decreasing the spread of feline aids and leukemia in cats; and eliminating the risk of perianal tumors and hernias in male dogs.


Also, it’s important to know that not all spays and neuters are equal.


Generally, veterinarians perform the spaying or neutering operation with the dog or cat under general anesthesia, so they don’t feel any pain. But surgical and anesthetic practices can vary widely among different doctors and facilities.


And sometimes if you go cheap, there’s more discomfort and pain for your dog, even if it is a simple procedure like neutering or spaying.


At Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, we take the greatest precautions in terms of making sure that your dog or cat gets the most complete pre-surgical workup, balanced anesthesia, monitoring, and sterile environment when a dog or cat is neutered or spayed.


The Animal Hospital of Sullivan County has been an Accredited American Animal Hospital for 25 years. Only 15% of the Veterinary practices in the United States meet the high Standards of the American Animal Hospital Association.


We apply top professional standards in ensuring that this procedure is done safely and that dogs and cats are in as little pain as possible before, during and after the operation.


While spaying and neutering are considered routine abdominal operations and the dog or cat goes back home after a day or two to recover for the next week, you don’t want complications to develop from cutting corners on your dog’s or cat’s health.


You want to make sure to avoid anesthetic reaction, excessive bleeding, pain (and pain causes unnecessary discomfort and slows the healing process) or an abdominal infection as much as possible.


Neutering or spaying your dog or cat is a one-time cost that reaps many health and living benefits for your dog or cat and avoids many unnecessary issues that arise with a pet’s pregnancy (The cost of feeding, worming and first vaccinations for a litter can be upwards of $200 to $300 alone) or any other expenses that arise from health issues in unneutered dogs and cats.


Make an appointment today for a consultation to get your dog or cat spayed or neutered so that the wonderment of renewal of spring does not become an unwanted trouble later this year.


The Only Animal Hospital Accredited by the AAHA in Sullivan County.
Our practice has met the high standards of AAHA which pertain to facilities, equipment, practice methods, & management,
for over 25 years

The Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, which has been in business for 60 years, offers a traditional, individualized approach to pet care that combines a state of the art, animal clinic providing a broad range of specialized services and care with a commitment to deliver exhaustive care on a one-to-one basis that both pets and their owners expect and deserve.


Dr. Bodolosky and her staff of highly motivated and devoted employees do their utmost to the best service and experience to our clients and their companions.

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