Introducing Writer’s Workshop of Sullivan County 2013

Writer’s Workshop of Sullivan County

Introducing Writer’s Workshop of Sullivan County

When our founding fathers devised a new Constitution in part to address the failings of the Articles of Confederation and to provide the basis of a sound federal government, a number of anonymous writers wrote over 80 articles known as the Federalist Papers to argue for its adoption.
At the time the Federalist Papers were written, the authors used the pseudonym  “Publius” to keep their identities secret, although most suspected the authors to be John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. These Federalist Papers were extremely important in swaying public opinion toward the adoption of the Constitution.
Today, they are still very important. These documents are used by lawyers and judges as both historical background and legal precedent, justifying many important judicial determinations concerning constitutional issues.
Throughout both American and world history, writing constructive arguments anonymously has an important purpose: It allows the authors to present their opinions without diminishing the validity of those ideas with stigmas and prejudice associated with their personalities, their occupations, prior acts, or stands on other issues of the day.
In a few days, you will be receiving the first of what I hope to be a continuous stream of articles written anonymously by several authors in regard to the important questions of the day in Sullivan County under the auspices of a new “Writer’s Workshop.”  I will be blasting to over 3000 Sullivan County emails on behalf of these writers who have signed a confidential disclosure agreement that prohibits them from disclosing to anyone that they are authoring such articles and also prohibits me from making such disclosure.
I will be acting as the facilitator, the keeper of the secret of the writer’s anonymity, and the editor of such documents.
The idea behind this writer’s project is to allow anyone who is interested in building constructive dialogue to make meaningful change in Sullivan County to present their views without recrimination and retribution toward themselves, their families, their businesses or jobs, or their standing in the community-as public officials, board members of government and not for profit groups, or other just as plain citizens.
The Writer’s Workshop of Sullivan County will allow many to give input who often don’t voice their intelligent and needed opinions because they are afraid of losing business, votes, friendships, or their jobs in our small, and sometimes unforgiving community.
This will be an attempt to provide a forum for good, intelligent dialogue that will discuss important issues of the day and bring about important, needed change will hopefully achieve the same purpose that caused the Federalist Papers to be written.
I believe that Sullivan County, and New York State too, after a half century of economic and political decline, are on the edge of new change that can transform the lives of its citizens-much like the adoption of the Constitution lead to the liberties and generations of prosperity in our country.
But without such dialogue, change will continue to be stymied.
This Writer’s Forum has the goal of being an exercise in freedom and intelligence.  We have a number of writers lined up to start this project.  If you are interested in participating, contact us at
or call me at 845-796-8948.
Steven Kurlander
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