Common Sense Analysis: Candidate Selection: Time to Ditch the Politically Correct Ferrero Method

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Candidate Selection: Time to Ditch the Politically Correct Ferrero Method

         Published in The Huffington Post on 03/21/2013

          Published in The Florida Squeeze on 03/21/2013 




The real lesson of the (Florida Lt. Gov.) Carroll resignation: It’s time to go back to basics and vet and produce a better breed of politicos not based on their lineage, but on their true qualifications and experience – and their ethics too.

Yet, even if Bloomberg is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit 

“Jennifer Carroll was truly unqualified to serve as Lt. Governor of Florida from the get go.
by Steven Kurlander


Much of the analysis of the resignation of Florida’s Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll last week is being framed as yet another ethics failure of Governor Scott’s administration and the need for campaign financing reform and better financial and business disclosure by public officials.


For example, in a recent editorial in the Miami Herald, both GOP and Democratic legislators were challenged to change the tolerance of turning a blind eye to the connections that politicians make by serving as consultants to Florida businesses, even while in office.


“Will they learn from her resignation and push for long-needed ethics and campaign finance reforms or continue to go about business as usual, pocketing special-interest cash in a tangled web of public deceit?”


Carroll, who served as a consultant to a charity accused of running a $300 million gambling ring in 49 Internet parlors disguised as a veteran’s charity...Continue Reading & “Like” It



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Domestic Surveillance: Spy vs. Spy, American vs. American

Published in The Huffington Post on 03/13/2013

          Published in The Florida Squeeze on 03/13/2013 




The right and necessity of secrecy is just not within the purview of government, but is an elementary privacy right that our founding fathers recognized as an important tenet of a democratic society that allows Americans to safeguard mistakes, beliefs, and errant behavior just not from Washington, but from one another

Yet, even if Bloomberg is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit 

Forget Gun Control: How long will it be before Americans can buy & use drones against one another?
by Steven Kurlander

Spy technology continues to become ever more sophisticated-and deadly too. That’s sparked a major debate about how domestic spying should be limited to ensure constitutional safeguards of US citizens.


And while it is indeed a very important discussion to be had in terms of limiting a fresh wave of unrestrained government intrusion into our private lives, Congress may want to also start talking about how far American citizens should be allowed to spy on each other too.

There’s been a corresponding boom surge in the use of cheap, technological spying equipment that Americans buy and use to tract and gather information on one another.
You don’t need a drone. For a few hundred dollars, you can now buy sophisticated surveillance tools to gather information you once paid thousands a day to private investigators to spy on targeted individuals.
We’ve become a nation where every movement we make and every communication we engage in can be easily tracked by the government, the cell phone provider-and each other…Continue Reading & “Like” It

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