Obama’s Plan to Confiscate – Nationalize IRA’s and 401k’s Continues

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The Government Needs Your Retirement Account!
Do You Have a Retirement Account or know someone who does?
Our Government’s Plan to De-Privatize and
Seize Retirement Accounts is REAL and Taking place Now!
Read the Petitions that Aim to Stop it!
The National Debt, along with the lack of demand for U.S. Treasury (debt) Bonds, leaves President Obama & BIG Government with no other option. Trillions are due in obligations, and the U.S. has no one to borrow from, Except Your 401k & IRA!
This is Not a conspiracy theory! Read the Senate Bills for yourself!

What government officials are involved and the documents that prove it.
What workers’ Unions are in favor of de-privatizing retirement accounts.
What government agencies are involved and the meetings being held.
What they plan to do with your retirement funds.
What organizations and petitions aim to Stop it.

The Senate Bills, and the States who are in Favor of De-Privatizing Retirement Accounts.
President Obama, will manifest a socialist environment, with “distribution of wealth” in the forefront.
The wealth in your IRA/401k will be distributed for Social programs!
Educate yourself BEFORE the de-privatizing of Retirement Accounts takes place.
Click Here to LEARN More


Bazzo  03/23/13

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