Sean Patrick Maloney Votes Against Only Plan To Balance Budget


  For Immediate Release

March 21, 2013

Contact: Press Office

(202) 479-7070

Sean Patrick Maloney Votes Against Only Plan To Balance Budget

New York Residents Deserve Explanation Why He Won’t Support This Balanced Approach

WASHINGTON – Today, the House voted on a common-sense plan to balance the budget, create jobs, and spur economic growth. House Democrats, including Sean Patrick Maloney, stood firmly against this proposal, voting no just a few minutes ago. This on the heels of a new paid web ad from the NRCC telling Maloney and his Democratic colleagues to do their job and balance the budget.


Democrats like Maloney believe we don’t need to balance the budget—ever—and we can tax and spend our way to economic growth. Americans are looking for leaders who understand that, in order to create jobs, Washington must balance their budget, just like families do.


“Today, Sean Patrick Maloney and his Democrat allies stood firmly against a pro-growth plan to balance the budget and bring fiscal stability to the middle class,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek.  “New York residents deserve an explanation why they need to balance their own budgets, but Washington doesn’t.”


Sean Patrick Maloney Voted Against Paul Ryan’s Plan To Balance The Budget. (H. Con. Res. 25, Roll Call Vote #88, 3/21/13)




NRCC 320 First Street SE Washington, DC 20003 (202) 479-7000

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Bazzo 03/22/13

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