Common Sense Analysis: Spy v. Spy-American vs. American; King Knocks Out Rubio

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Domestic Surveillance: Spy vs. Spy, American vs. American

Published in The Huffington Post on 03/13/2013

          Published in The Florida Squeeze on 03/13/2013 




The right and necessity of secrecy is just not within the purview of government, but is an elementary privacy right that our founding fathers recognized as an important tenet of a democratic society that allows Americans to safeguard mistakes, beliefs, and errant behavior just not from Washington, but from one another

Yet, even if Bloomberg is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit 

Forget Gun Control: How long will it be before Americans can buy & use drones against one another?
by Steven Kurlander

Spy technology continues to become ever more sophisticated-and deadly too. That’s sparked a major debate about how domestic spying should be limited to ensure constitutional safeguards of US citizens.


And while it is indeed a very important discussion to be had in terms of limiting a fresh wave of unrestrained government intrusion into our private lives, Congress may want to also start talking about how far American citizens should be allowed to spy on each other too.

There’s been a corresponding boom surge in the use of cheap, technological spying equipment that Americans buy and use to tract and gather information on one another.
You don’t need a drone. For a few hundred dollars, you can now buy sophisticated surveillance tools to gather information you once paid thousands a day to private investigators to spy on targeted individuals.
We’ve become a nation where every movement we make and every communication we engage in can be easily tracked by the government, the cell phone provider-and each other…Continue Reading & “Like” It


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King Busting Rubio’s Cahones: Coming Out of His Corner to Redefine the GOP

Published in The Huffington Post on 03/12/2013




King’s punching Rubio in his cohones, Christie’s continued ascent in the polls, and even the 131 prominent Republicans signing an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to rule that gay couples have a constitutional right to marry, are all signs of there’s some new blood circulating in the GOP’s moribund body. 

Yet, even if Bloomberg is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit 

Rep. Peter King, an amateur boxer, pulled no punches in his remarks about 2016 frontrunner Rubio
by Steven Kurlander


Once referring to the accession of a promising boxer, the great George Foreman stated: “I think it’s so good for boxing when a new guy or new blood as we call it, makes a big statement.”
Congressman Peter King last week took off the gloves and unleashed a big statement on Florida Senator Marco Rubio, wailing on him for coming to Wall Street to fundraise for his expected presidential bid.
King bluntly told Rubio he had big cohones coming to N.Y. and asking for campaign donations after voting against aid for New York and New Jersey victims of Hurricane Sandy. Rubio, along with other southern Republicans, had held up and voted against critically needed Hurricane Sandy relief aid last fall, objecting to alleged “pork” being tied in with the relief monies.
“Being from New York we’re not supposed to be suckers,” said Rep. King. “It’s bad enough that these guys voted against it, that’s inexcusable enough. But to have the balls to come in and say, ‘We screwed you now make us president?'”
That’s a big statement, indeed, one that could be cited as the beginning of that long expected ideological second civil war between north and south in the GOP…Continue Reading & “Like” It

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