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From the Supervisor’s Desk-Steve Vegliante


Drivers, start your engines! Rally Car Racing is coming to the Town of Fallsburg.


Supervisor Steven Vegliante

By Steven Vegliante


The Town of Fallsburg Board is very excited about a new, growing tourist attraction that has great promise to showcase our town, attract new visitors to visit and stay, and provide exciting entertainment for our residents.  


We’re now a Motorsports destination.


Starting on April 19th and continuing for three days, the Empire State Performance Rally will take place in both the Town of Fallsburg and the Town of Thompson, bringing exciting racing along our roads and attracting hundreds of participants, their crews, and their families and friends to Sullivan County.


The race falls under the auspices of the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and is sponsored by the Rock Hill Fire Department and a number of local businesses and individuals.  It is run in a number of stages along a 270 mile course. Part of the race will take place on Town of Fallsburg roads.


It’s a very unique road rally in that it is one of only two national auto rallies in the US where all the stages are run on paved roads, not dirt or gravel. During the race, certain roads along the race course will be closed to regular traffic for periods of time by our Town of Fallsburg Police Department.


NASA is a customer driven organization that offers affordable events that provide both safe and fair competition for the stage rally competitor, volunteer, organizer, and sponsor.The mission of NASA Rally Sport is to encourage the growth of stage rallying in the United States by providing a customer driven organization that offers affordable events that provide both safe and fair competition for the stage rally competitor, volunteer, organizer, and sponsor.  The Town of Fallsburg is proud to help them achieve their goals in hosting their upcoming event.


What’s great about the race is that the host communities help shape the Empire State Performance Rally.  Our Town of Fallsburg Police Department and other law enforcement agencies, our Town of Fallsburg First Responders, and community volunteers will be assisting the NASA to both ensure the safety of the event as well as its success.


Motorsports has experienced tremendous growth in popularity and profitability in the US since the turn of the century, with NASCAR being America’s fastest growing sport.  The industry has a huge economic effect on its host communities, creating thousands of jobs and attracting millions of tourist dollars for host communities across the nation.  In Charlotte, NC, where NASCAR is headquartered, one study found that Motorsports was a $6 billion dollar industry that generated close to 20,000 jobs.


Sullivan County is now a player in that industry.


The Monticello Motor Club, which is a second phase of expansion, has already had a tremendous impact on the area, both financially and in terms of starting to redefine our area as a tourist destination.  The club has created over 60 full time jobs and attracted over 10,000 unique visitors to the area last year. Some of the most affluent people in the world are coming to our area on a regular basis to race their performance race cars there.


In addition to the Empire State Performance Rally, the Town of Fallsburg this winter hosted a series of race events at Morningside Park run by the Tri-State Motorcycle Club, attracting hundreds of participants and spectators. The races there were a great success and Tri-State donated $1000 to the Town of Fallsburg and our PBA at a recent meeting in thanks for our efforts to accommodate them.


These events all have a tremendous multiplier effect in terms of tourist dollars on our local restaurants, motels, and other businesses located in nearby hamlets.  The Town of Fallsburg hopes to continue attracting such Motorsports events to our area and to build on these new developments to stimulate tourism to our town.


There will be an informational meeting about the Empire State Performance Rally in the Town Hall in South Fallsburg on March 18th at 7:00 p.m.


If you have any questions, concerns, or you just want to voice your support for the event, please attend.  At that time, race organizers will be present to explain the particulars about the event and answer any questions from the public.


Enjoy the race.



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