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Let Us Inspire A Great Springtime Remodeling Project


Achieve Energy Savings Too! 



By Tina & Bobby Mapes 


We’ve set forward our clocks, it’s getting a little warmer, and spring is in the Catskill Mountain air these days.


Along with spring cleaning, the start of fishing season, and thinking about future landscaping and gardening projects, Sullivan County residents always find the end of winter a perfect time to begin planning home or business improvement and remodeling projects – and also begin thinking about building in energy cost savings into these remodeling projects too.


In terms of springtime remodeling and construction projects, Black Bear Fuel Oil provides its customers with the best, energy efficient plumbing and heating products and expert installation that not only modernizes your home or business, but also save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year in energy costs.


So if you are thinking about making some springtime home or business improvements, consider some of these springtime projects:


Replacing Your Toilets: In rural areas like Sullivan County that use well water, energy efficient toilets can not only reduce the amount of waste flowing into septic tanks and leach fields, but also reduce your electric bill by cutting down on the running time of your well pump.


Energy efficient toilets not only reduce the amount of water you use, but preserve the life of your water pump, which can be very expensive to replace.


There are three types of water efficient toilets, the standard, single flush 1.6 gallon per flush (gpf); a dual flush toilet where solids are flushed at the 1.6 gpf rate and liquids are disposed of at half that rate; and toilets equipped with pressure-assist technology, like those you see in bathrooms in hotels, restaurants and commercial buildings, which use compressed air to push out waste by creating a vigorous flushing action.


Replacing Shower Heads and Faucets: An energy saving shower head or faucet also reduces the use of water and provides great energy costs savings.  By replacing older and inefficient plumbing fixtures with water saving models, the average US household saves about using (and heating too) 2,300 gallons of water a year.


Here’s a simple test to determine if your shower head needs replacing: Place a 2 gallon water under the shower head and turn on the water.  If the bucket fills up in less than a minute, that shower head needs replacing.  According to the EPA, 2gpm should be the maximum flow rate for newer, water saving shower heads.


Installing an Electrical Water Heater:  Heating your water inefficiently can be very expensive. Many of our customers heat their hot water with tankless coils and indirect water heaters, which use a home’s space heating system to heat water. They’re part of what’s called integrated or combination water and space heating systems.


The problem with tankless coil water heaters is that a boiler must be hot to produce hot water.  That’s not much of an issue in the winter, when the boiler is running anyway to heat the dwelling. But in the warmer months, the off cycling to heat the water with fuel oil can be very expensive, using an average of 200 to 300 gallons of oil-and that’s costly. Replacing this system with a separate, electrical water heater can really create energy savings.


Installing a heat pump in your home or commercial space: In terms of air conditioning your home and business, it may be time to modernize your cooling system.  Last month, we wrote about how installing a heat pump achieves significant energy savings and the installation is a good return on investment.  We pointed out that when you consider that heating and cooling accounts for 35% – 45% of a home’s energy cost, that can mean saving hundreds of dollars a year.


Our mission at Black Bear Fuel Oil is to try to reduce our customer’s energy costs by selling, installing, and maintaining the best heating, plumbing and air conditioning products for both homes and businesses.


So now that it’s springtime, you should give us a call and let one of our expert technicians come and help you plan and estimate your home or business renovation. Give us a call at (845) 791-8900 or reply to this email now.  


Let us help inspire your spring project-and gain great year round energy savings too!


Tina & Bobby

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