Sometimes within a nonprofit a position needs to be created to take the organization to the next level. Sometimes that exact person is staring you right in the face. Some say life is about timing and that perfect timing is what has happened to the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce and Brittany Alvarez.

Mrs. Alvarez was just coming out of the amazing honor of being awarded Putnam Counties 40 under 40 and didn’t realize that she was about to take on another new and exciting adventure here in Putnam County.  She is now the Vice President of Membership for the Chamber; she accepted this position on February 15th 2013.

Jennifer Maher Chairwomen of The Chamber said “2013 will be a banner year for us. We have two solid foundation building years behind us and we are ready to grow. We will be taking the work from the past and implementing it into the new” The new called for the position of “Vice President of Membership” “We are looking to grow our membership by targeting the top businesses based on revenue and number of employees (such as medical mgmt, park ford, Azko noble, Ace Endico) I handed the award to Mrs. Alvarez for 40 under 40 I realized that she was the perfect fit to do this. She is a visionary; I was attracted to her energy and her natural tendency to be an activist”

Brittany Alvarez is beyond thrilled to be working in such a capacity. Not to mention taking on something that Jennifer Maher has put such hard work into over the past few years.  “When I was approached about this new position I was found speechless…this is such a great opportunity, not only do I get to work alongside so many great chamber members already but I am trying to bring larger businesses into the mix. Our main goal here is to really make this more along the lines of a Business Advocacy Group here in Putnam County. The local chambers do such a wonderful job with the smaller and family run institutions that are staples here in Putnam County. We here at the Putnam County Chamber want to take it to the next level and really tie this together on a much larger scale.”

Brittany Alvarez is a constant volunteer and hard worker some of her current endeavors are;

  • Sunday School Teacher (Pre-K & K) at the Mission Church in Holmes
  • President & Co-Coordinator of Imagination Station Inc. which is a non-for-profit organization raising funds and gaining community involvement to rebuild the legendary Imagination Station at Kent Elementary School http://www.ImaginationStation2.org
  • Putnam County Young Republicans
  • Went back to school last Spring to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration will graduate Spring 2014



Bazzo 03/04/13

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