This Week’s Kurly’s Kommentary: NY Conservative Party Bigotry & Another Turncoat Governor in Florida

Kurly’s Kommentary
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Transgender Politics: Michael Long & NY Conservative Party Are Short on Tolerance

Published in The Huffington Post on 03/01/2013




“Long’s and the Conservative Party’s opposition to eliminating discrimination and violence against New York’s transgender population is nothing more than an extension of Buckley’s misguided, racist rationale for opposing the civil rights movement>”

Yet, even if Bloomberg is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit 

Long should stick to leading a party of small government, not one of small-mindedness.
by Steven Kurlander


In New York, great strides have been made in protecting the civil rights of the gay and lesbian community, like the legalization of same-sex marriage. However, if you ask any of the thousands of transgender New Yorkers, they will tell you that they still face severe discrimination and bullying in their workplaces, and even threats of violence in their communities.


But there’s a new law being proposed in Albany, the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), which calls for protections against discrimination for New York’s transgender and gender-nonconforming population. It outlaws discrimination based on gender identity or expression. The passage of this law would be a significant step for the LGBT civil rights movement in the state.


GENDA passed the Assembly last week, but New York’s Conservative Party is blocking it in the Senate…Continue Reading

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Florida Voices

Medicaid Politics: Did Switcheroo Scott make right decision for his future?

Published in The Florida Voices on 02/25/12

& The Sun Sentinel on 02/28/2013




So while a Public Policy Polling survey last month showed him trailing Crist by 14 points, that’s nothing another $100 million in a sleek, Madison Avenue campaign can’t fix in what promises to be a “turncoat vs. turncoat” contest for the governor’s mansion next year. 

Yet, even if Bloomberg is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit 

Switcharoo Scott justified his decision by saying, “I want every Floridian to have access to high-quality health care they can afford.”
by Steven Kurlander


Last week, Gov. Rick Scott took a dramatic step in both in his political career and for the medically uninsured in Florida when he gave his blessing to a limited, fully federally funded expansion of Medicaid in the state.
According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, that means many of the 3.8 million Floridians who went without coverage in 2011 will likely soon have health insurance.
This guy once put his money where his mouth was when he spent $5 million of his own wealth, as well as millions in taxpayer dollars, to fight Obamacare in the courts, arguing this vast government expansion of health benefits would ultimately cost the state $1.9 billion.
This is the same Gov. Scott who had based his whole brief political career…Continue Reading

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