Protesting Doctors Right to Oppose Dangerous Abortion Expansion in New York

Chiaroscuro Foundation
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February 27, 2013

“Dr. Anne Nolte, who today held a press conference with fellow physicians and medical professionals in opposition to Gov. Cuomo’s effort to expand abortion in New York, had the following to say:

“Though Governor Cuomo has not yet proposed specific legislation, his comments to the media suggest he plans to introduce legislation similar to the bill commonly referred to as the ‘Reproductive Health Act,’ which could be used to allow abortion even of an infant who can survive outside of the womb, and which would allow non-physicians to perform invasive surgical abortions in medical clinics outside of a hospital setting.

“I, like many of my colleagues, believe that such legislation makes abortion less safe for women. We worry it will increase the use of late-term abortion when this type of abortion is not necessary to protect a woman’s health. And it devalues the lives of our second patient – the infant in the womb.” — Dr. Anne Nolte

“We couldn’t agree more. Dr. Nolte’s opinion is in line with the majority of New Yorkers, and even the majority of pro choice New Yorkers: 74% of pro choice New Yorkers are opposed to changing New York law to allow non-physicians to perform abortions. 70% of pro choice New Yorkers are opposed to allowing unlimited abortion through the ninth month of pregnancy. Dr. Nolte and her colleagues, unlike Gov Cuomo, represent mainstream opinion in New York, which is strongly against Gov. Cuomo’s effort to expand access to abortion in the nation’s abortion capital.” — Greg Pfundstein, President, Chiaroscuro Foundation

See the recent McLaughlin & Associates survey about abortion attitudes in New York State.
 Bazzo 02/27/13
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