Black Bear Fuel Oil Newsletter: It’s February-Think Air Conditioning

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It’s February- It’s Time to

Think Air Conditioning!


By Tina & Bobby Mapes


It’s February and it’s been pretty chilly this winter.  You are probably expecting to read an article about how to deal with heating your home or business in the cold weather.


But even though it’s the middle of winter, we are going to write about air conditioning.


Do you think that’s crazy?  Actually not.


While it’s still cold out, it’s time now to think about modernizing your home or business in the upcoming months with energy efficient heat pumps that are designed to deliver both air conditioning and supplemental heat down to 40 degrees.


What is a heat pump?


A heat pump is a HVAC device that pushes warm air out and cold air in a structure in the summer and provides very warm air in the cooler months before and after the summer. In technical terms, it moves thermal energy opposite the direction of spontaneous heat flow.


A heat pump is designed to both cool a home during the summer and deliver about one-and-a-half to three times more heat energy to a home compared to the electrical energy it consumes.  It’s extremely efficient because it moves heat rather than converting it from a fuel, like in combustion oil or gas heating systems.


In the last few years, there have been great technological breakthroughs in such “reversible” air conditioning heat pumps and the time to consider installing one is now.


Heat pumps can either be used in conjunction with centralized air conditioning systems or in “mini-splits” where there is a condenser for one unit on a wall or a ceiling that encompasses a large area.  You don’t have to have expensive built in air ducts anymore to use this heat pump technology.  We sell and install systems ductless room heat pumps that can be installed in a window or through a hole in the wall.


So installing a heat pump in your home or commercial space is a great way to cool your home in the summer months-and a real alternative or additional home heating source during the spring and fall months as well. 


You will achieve significance energy savings and a good return on investment. When you take into account  that heating and cooling accounts for about 35% – 45% of a home’s energy cost, that can mean hundreds of dollars a year!


Our mission at Black Bear Fuel Oil is to try to reduce our customer’s energy costs by selling, installing, and maintaining the best heating and air conditioning products for both homes and businesses.


That’s why we are working year round to sell, install, and maintain to our customers the best heating and cooling systems in the business.


Respond to this email or call Black Bear Fuel Oil today to arrange an appointment with one of our highly trained specialists to look into installing a new heat pump air conditioning system for your residence or commercial building.


Think Air Conditioning-and great cost savings- in February too.


Tina & Bobby

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