PRESS RELEASE] Final Yorktown update on Nemo progress

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12th, 2013

Contact: Mary Capoccia, 914-962-5722 x201



L-R: Yorktown Councilman Dave Paganelli, Town Justice Sal Lagonia, Town Supervisor Michael Grace and Councilman Terrence Murphy keep the public apprised of the progress of the cleanup from the February 2013 nor’easter known as Nemo.

YORKTOWN, NY – Now that nor’easter Nemo has come and gone, Yorktown residents have dug out and life returns to normal. Though the town seemed to have dodged a bullet in terms of the severity of the storm, town officials still offered thanks and praise to local emergency responders.
“The level of preparation by our first responders, highway and police departments kept our roads clear and our residents safe,” Town Supervisor Michael Grace said. “It is about accountability here. If public utilities like Con Edison and NYSEG start following our example here in terms of emergency preparedness, it would prevent future occurrences of what we’ve seen from them in terms of lack of storm planning.”
Beginning Friday, town officials held a series of press conferences to update the public on the track of the storm, emergency contact information and tips for getting through the storm.
Town Councilman Terrence Murphy said the numerous press conferences, emails and automated calls prior to this storm helped keep residents off the roads. “Any time you have a storm like this, you review your protocols and it is clear that the town is communicating effectively with our constituents,” he said.
“Through press advisories, radio interviews and use of our town’s website, we continue to look for ways to improve our emergency response capabilities,” Murphy said.
Yorktown has seen its share of weather related incidences over the past two years. Last year, Hurricane Sandy left the town devastated and left many residents without power for over two weeks and the year prior, Hurricane Irene and the October Nor’easter caused equal devastation.
“Our emergency responders and highway crews were well prepared,” Councilman Nick Bianco said. “We were prepared for the worst. While the storm wasn’t nearly as bad as was predicted, we will still look toward further improving public communication for the next winter event.”
Above all, town officials were effusive in their praise of local first responders, both employees and volunteers.
“Our snow removal and effective plowing are the result of the hard working men and women of the town of Yorktown,” Councilman Dave Paganelli said. “They really are the unsung heroes and we are all thankful to them for a job well done.”



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