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FCSD Hall of Fame to honor best and brightest & preserve heritage of Town of Fallsburg
Nominations due Feb. 15th


Supervisor Steven Vegliante

By Steven Vegliante


I was on Facebook the other night and saw a great recent picture of two Fallsburg teachers, Jack Leshner and Andrew Neiderman, and I thought about what a tremendous impact those teachers, and many others as well, had on my life.


In this day and age, Americans tend to fixate on the famous in all fields of life and admire their contributions to our society.


Yet, if you think about it, there’s a lot of “famous” people that we have met in our life’s journey here in the Town of Fallsburg that have had a tremendous impact on our lives and our community, starting with our educational institutions.


Our local FCSD schools (and SUNY Sullivan too) have always helped our local children prepare themselves to achieve the most of their potential and to make significant contributions to society – and some of them indeed have gone on to be great leaders in many fields and occupations in American society.


Yes, for generations, the teachers, administrators, and staff of our Fallsburg public schools have had a tremendous influence on our citizen’s lives and our community.  And they continue to do so today and often don’t get the recognition for the good, important job they do on a daily basis, year after year.


Abraham Lincoln once stated that “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.”


Two of FCSD’s Best: Jack Leshner and Andrew Neiderman

All of us who attended the FCSD had some exemplary teachers and staff that taught us not only the basics in education, but important lessons that assisted us later on in life.  Looking at that picture of Mr. Leshner and Mr. Neiderman, I thought about how the important lessons they taught me still impact me on a daily basis, particularly in doing my job as Supervisor here in the Town of Fallsburg.


It also made me think how proud I am to serve with two educators on our Town Board who also impact the Town of Fallsburg in many ways. Councilmen Mike Weiner and Joe Levner serve and contribute to the community both performing their jobs at the FCSD and after work for our town government.


The Town Board is very proud that our schools have continually and successfully fostered the potential of large numbers of students who have gone on in life, both locally and throughout the world, to make great names for themselves in all professions and have had a major impact on our world.


For me, while I had many, many great teachers at Fallsburg, one stands out: Mr Jack Leshner.  Mr. Leshner wouldn’t allow me to be satisfied with being average.  While he instructed me in history, he also taught me about life and how the effort I put forth directly affects the lives of those around me.


There’s a new commendable initiative taking place at the FCSD creating a “Hall of Fame” to recognize and celebrate the success and significant contributions that have resulted from the hard word done over the generations in the FCSD. 


While famous alumni like Gavin Degraw come to mind, how about those real heroes that Fallsburg Central produced…nurses, doctors, scientists, law enforcement officers,  emergency responders and soldiers, just to name a few?  How many graduates from FCSD went on to service academies, Ivy League schools or more simply into a life of service helping their fellow man or woman?


Thus, each generation of graduates have many in their high school class who should be honored, whether they be student, educator or staff member.


The Fallsburg Central School District is now accepting nominations for its new Hall of Fame, which will recognize current or former students, staff, administrators and district residents for their contributions to the district, our community, and the world.  The deadline to make nominations is Thursday.

If you attended or worked at the FCSD, I would ask you to fill out the application and send it in with your pick of someone from the FCSD who you went to school with, taught you, mentored you, or otherwise made a significant impact on you, our community, and our nation too.


There are many former and present Fallsburg residents and those others who worked at the school who should be honored for their life’s hard work and achievements that have touched us all in the Town of Fallsburg.



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