Obama & Voter Suppression: U.S. Elections Need Shoot-for-the-Moon Fix

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Obama & Voter Suppression: U.S. Elections Need Shoot-for-the-Moon Fix 

Published in The Florida Voices on 02/11/2013




The fact is the American election process is totally broken and antiquated in all respects and needs reform with technological innovation.

Yet, even if Bloomberg is right, I don’t want him or any government leader to limit 

In 2016, President Obama should be voting for Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Oops, Joe Biden using his Blackberry
by Steven Kurlander


Even though the presidential election is over, Democrats across the country, including President Obama, are not forgetting that many American voters had to stand on long lines and wait to cast their votes. Thousands gave up voting and left before casting ballots.
A recent MIT analysis of the problem in the 2012 election backs Democratic assertions that long lines at the polls is a voting-rights issue. The study found that black and Hispanics waited nearly twice as long as whites to cast ballots; urban voters stood on line more than twice as long to vote as their rural counterparts; and Democrats and Independents on average were delayed 20 percent longer than Republican to vote.
So now President Obama and congressional Democrats are pushing new federal legislation mandating early voting in all 50 states (which coincidentally is the most favored get-out-the-vote tool traditionally employed by Democrats). Resolving the problem, which Democrats often see as a civil-rights issue, has become part of the president’s agenda for his second term.
In his inaugural speech, Obama said, “Our (American) journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote.”
And the president again will likely direct the country’s attention toward the long voting lines issue in his upcoming State of the Union address on Tuesday.
But mandating early voting in all 50 states, and transforming an election day into an election period is not the answer…Continue Reading


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