Keeping Your Pet Healthy: Introducing Our Inexpensive Pet Wellness Care Plan

Animal Hospital of Sullivan County Newsletter
February 2013 


Keeping Your Pet Healthy: Introducing Our Inexpensive Pet Wellness Care Plan


This new monthly membership program can save you hundreds of dollars in veterinary fees each year! 

Dr. Barbara Bodolosky
by Barbara J. Bodolosky, D.V.M.

At the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, we pride ourselves in providing the best and most caring veterinary care in the Catskills.


We not only take care of the sick and injured on a regular basis, but also embrace pet wellness care as an important aspect of the veterinary services we provide to our clients.


That wellness care is essential to ensure a healthy, happy life for a pet and is designed to encompass every aspect of your pet’s life. 


Our pet wellness care regime includes an individualized program that includes monitoring behavior and nutrition, performing regular veterinarian checkups, and taking preventative measures to protect your canine or feline friend against diseases and other health risks.


From early on in their lives, your pet should have a wellness plan that includes encompasses disease prevention that may include a vaccination protocol, the drawing up of a proper diet to enhance your pet’s immune system, and provisions for other precautions to reduce the potential for various illnesses, including heart and kidney disease.


This month, we are unveiling a new Pet Wellness Care Plan that will focus on meeting the health needs of your pet not only when they get sick, but also to improve their health through diet, exercise, regular vaccinations and checkups on an individualized basis according to your pet’s age, type, and stage of life.


We are introducing a discounted plan with easy payments for our clients that allows them to provide preventative care  for their pets.  The plan provides the necessary preventative care at a very affordable price and is convenient and affordable.


Not only does the AHSC Wellness Care Plan provide our clients with an essential individual wellness care plan for a pet, it is also a monthly membership program that can save pet owners hundreds of dollars in veterinary fees each year!


The yearly plan includes a regimen of vaccines, veterinary and fecal exams, and discounts on important preventative drugs-all at a cost that is essentially about a 25% discount from regular prices. 


Simply sign up for a Preventative Care Plan at your next visit or call our office to register. 


Your monthly membership fee is paid automatically through your debit or credit card or by automatic withdrawal from your checking account.


The AHSC Preventative Care Plan: Convenient terms, dramatic savings, and important & lasting protection for your pet.


Contact us today for more information about our new Preventative Care Plan.

February 2013 as Pet Dental Care month at the Animal Hospital of Sullivan County
We are offering our patients 15% off the preoperative exam, the anesthetic dental cleaning and hospitalization fees! 
Take advantage of the coupon below!
Call us today at (845) 292-6711 to schedule an appointment (we are booking up quickly) and bring in the coupon below for your discount.
The Only Animal Hospital Accredited by the AAHA in Sullivan County.
Our practice has met the high standards of AAHA which pertain to facilities, equipment, practice methods, & management,
for over 25 years

The Animal Hospital of Sullivan County, which has been in business for 60 years, offers a traditional, individualized approach to pet care that combines a state of the art, animal clinic providing a broad range of specialized services and care with a commitment to deliver exhaustive care on a one-to-one basis that both pets and their owners expect and deserve.


Dr. Bodolosky and her staff of highly motivated and devoted employees do their utmost to the best service and experience to our clients and their companions.

Appointment Hours


Hours by Appointment

Mon-Thurs 7:30am – 6pm

Friday 7:30am – 5pm

Saturday 7:30am – 2pm


 In the unfortunate event an emergency occurs, please contact us by phone immediately. 845-292-6711


We also offer convenient early morning admittance hours six days a week

Contact Us Today!

Animal Hospital

of Sullivan County

667 Harris Road

Ferndale, NY 12734

Phone (845) 292-6711



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Save 15% on Preoperative Exam/Anesthesia/Professional Dental Cleaning & Hospitalization Fees
You’ve Read About the Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings. Now Bring In Your Dog or Cat & This Coupon for 15% off Discount during Dental Care Month at Animal Hospital of Sullivan County!


Offer Expires: February 28, 2013
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