Kurlander Writes in Sun Sentinel: Smart Discrimination: Sloppy Kiss Disses Nerds in Repulsive Commercial

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Smart Discrimination: Sloppy kiss disses nerds in repulsive commercial

Published in The Sun Sentinel on 02/06/2013




 What was really obscene about that Go Daddy ad was not the sloppy kissing, but the promotion of that negative “nerd” stereotype that condones, and even promotes, negative “Walter” typecasts that make children and adults alike disdain, bully, and discriminate against smart people – ugly and pretty alike.


Did you know that censors wouldn’t allow some tongue to be shown too?

by Steven Kurlander


Last Sunday, over 100 million Americans watched a great Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. It featured two terrific quarterbacks, a record breaking 108-yard kickoff return by Ravens’ Jacoby Jones and a great effort by the 49ers to come back from a 28-6 deficit.


Super Bowl XLVII included two weeks of dramatic buildup, this time featuring a biblical rivalry between the two coaching Harbaugh brothers, a half-time show featuring Beyonce reunited with Destiny’s Child, and even an unprecedented delay when most of the lights in the 73,000-seat Superdome went out in the third quarter.


And of course, we all sat at the edge of our couches waiting for those hyped-up, really expensive commercials.


In fact, 39 percent of Super Bowl viewers said the commercials, which cost $3.8 million a pop this year, were the best part of the game – with only 28 percent liking the football the most.


Traditionally, Super Bowl commercials stand out as the best in the business, like this year’s Dodge ad featuring Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” speech.


Then, there are always Super Bowl ads judged as very controversial, too.


Go Daddy, a company that sells domain names and builds websites, has created Super Bowl ads that gain notoriety by testing the parameters of what are already sullied decency standards.


This year was no exception. In fact, to the delight of Go Daddy’s management, the ad entitled “Perfect Match,” may go down as the most repulsive Super Bowl ad ever.


The ad starts off with Israeli super model Bar Refaeli sitting…Continue Reading | Feedback – Contact Steven Kurlander   

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